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Our Editing Tips Will Help You Create Masterpieces

Efficient Editing Tips

September 5, 2016

If you have completed writing your paper, you need to edit it accordingly. If you do not know how to edit your own writing, you need to search for a writing guide. The information below is a superior recommendation devoted to the editing steps that will help you ensure top quality of your writing.

How To Edit Writing

Editing is a process of correcting mistakes in a paper ensuring that it is of good quality. If you are unsure of the editing steps and you cannot know how to proceed with the process, check the recommendations below. The article contains the major ideas and practical advice on what to do to make your work a real masterpiece.

Do not ignore this stage of writing because you may increase the risks of get a poor grade or fail the paper.

Two Types of Editing

You need to know that there are two main types of editing: draft and ongoing. Most students cannot separate the writing process from editing, and they correct their papers while writing. You write a sentence that does not look appealing or relevant, and you fix it right away. Fixing one sentence, you write a few sentences that do not need editing, and then you again find something that is worth fixing. Well, this strategy is great because it helps significantly economize the time spent on the editing stage. Besides, writing the sentences and correcting them right away, you may come up with new brilliant ideas. This is called ongoing editing.

As for the draft editing, you need to finalize the writing stage, put all your thoughts together, and have some rest from writing. In a while, you need to take it again and start reading from the first lines paying attention to all the types of mistakes, including grammatical, spelling, and punctuation ones. Such a process requires looking at your final draft as a professional expert, who is objective, independent, and unbiased. Only in such a way, you will be able to improve your paper on different layers.

No matter what type of editing you prefer, you ought to be particularly attentive and focused. Pay attention that the process of editing is particularly time and effort-consuming. If you want to receive a good grade for your paper, you have to do your best to improve the text. By knowing how to proofread papers, you will be able to maintain a successful academic reputation.

Top 4 Editing Steps

Step 1: Edit content

The first step is to review the content ensuring that the paper strictly follows the idea you have developed. Check the logical flow of content, ensure that the sequence of events is followed, and the characters are correctly placed. Focus on these aspects

  • Story flow and development
  • Logical organization of the ideas
  • The subsequent flow of chapters
  • Proper distribution of characters
  • Dialogues are logical and understandable
  • Clear plot and subplot sequence
  • Pacing

It is fine if sometimes you may wish to rewrite some parts of your story. You may also wish to add some clarifications or even remove a chapter to make the content more interesting and intriguing. This is the stage when you need to make the connection between the characters clear. No connection will raise many questions and make your work not impressive and even not clear to the reader.

Step 2: Edit the Line

At this stage, you need to look at your story more precisely paying attention not to the whole content but the sequence of sentences. Pay attention to the following:

  • Repetitions of words and ideas throughout the paper
  • Incomplete and run-on sentences
  • Inaccurate expression of thoughts
  • The use of words that require additional explanation
  • Wording

When editing your paper at this stage, you need to read the whole sentence attentively to see how it is relied upon the previous and connected to the next sentence. It may take some time and you may re-read sentences several times to ensure that the ideas are logical and flow smoothly.

Step 3: Edit the words

Pay attention to mechanics at this stage of editing. You have to ensure that you have spelt each word correctly and place punctuation marks in the correct places:

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling (US vs. UK)
  • Capitalization, italics, and other similar elements
  • Correct use of numbers

You have to check each word separately to ensure that it is properly spelled and further check that it is correctly used in a sentence. Consult dictionaries, check grammar rules to ensure that the paper is perfect. Pay attention to tricky words where spelling may be confusing. Professional editors recommend using The Chicago Manual of Style for fiction. The Merriam-Webster dictionary is the most common piece to consult while checking your writing.

Consider that style manuals and dictionaries may contain some differences. Check the requirements before you get down working to ensure that you follow the requested aspects accordingly. The editing process in writing is time-consuming, especially at this stage but the result will impress with its superiority.

Step 4: Proofread

The proofreading stage is also essential in my writing editing checklist. Even though it may seem that you have completed all the steps, do not ignore the proofreading stage. Take a whole paper and start reading paying attention to the following:

  • Spelling
  • Word choice
  • The use of quotation and punctuation marks
  • No prepositions are missed
  • Spacing is correct

Even if you consider proofreading a technical stage, you still need to pay attention to the content and logical flow. These editing steps may help you see how to work with papers before confirming the final version.

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