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How to Make Easy Money as a College Student?

September 5, 2016


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how to make easy money

Let Us Provide You with Some Tips!

Nowadays, college life is too expensive and it is pretty challenging for a student to pay it without loans. However, you should understand that the more loans you take, the more debt you will get after graduation. In our guide, we are going to help you figure out how to make easy money as a college student.

Plans for a weekend are always tremendous, right? What if your plans change? It may be the weather or your empty pockets, for example. What do I do in such a case?

I try to see the light at the end of a tunnel and browse money-making ideas. Of course, there’ll always be some work around the house during a weekend, but quick earnings are not as time-consuming as they may seem at the first sight.
So grab together all your skills, knowledge, and energy, and get ready to monetize your money-making ideas.

Things to Do This Weekend

I’m sure you are talented and have a dozen of various skills in your arsenal, right? So here are a few tips. Become a tester – register at, get a PayPal account if you still don’t have one, and earn $10 in 20 minutes! It’s easy! Once you are a registered user and passed a sample test, use your PC, Mac, or smartphone to complete the testing tasks and get money on your account!

Find one-time job on Craigslist in a “gigs” section. People often need some simple things to be done, like handling junk. Most of such jobs appear right before the weekend. Be selective when choosing. I’m pretty sure there’re a lot of things in your garage that you don’t use. So sell them on your garage sale or take photos and put them on eBay! Become a referee for youth games in your neighborhood.

If you love sports, this is a way to make money in a few hours with some fun. Got Some Skills? – Sell them! Use UpWork, Elance, or to sell your services in design, writing, or any other knowledge. This is more complicated than a one-time job, but it can get you more money in a short time. Work on HITS on Amazon Mturk where you can take any tasks you like and get money on your Amazon account. Haul trash in your neighborhood if you have a trailer or a truck.

People usually have some junk in their garage or yard they are always willing to get rid of. So you can help them and get some extra money. Still no plans for Saturday? One of the things to do this weekend is filling your pocket with some dollars. Spend your time wisely with fun and make some money 3 in 1. So consider this before asking yourself “What should I do this weekend?”


How to make easy money as a college student? Become a freelancer! Being a freelance worker can be particularly exciting as you are free to plan your working schedule and dedicate enough time both to part-time work and study. What is more, the number of freelance jobs to choose from is truly impressive. For instance, you can try yourself in editing, web design, blogging, translating, and many other areas.

Social Media Manager

If you spend many hours per day, scrolling the news feed of your favorite social media platform, why don’t you want to earn money online for that? Almost every business has a blog and they need help with managing it. That is why they often hire independently contracted social media managers to develop the awareness of the brand, popularizing their services, generating leads, etc. If you manage to obtain the position of social media manager, you will become the voice of the company.

You may get started by contacting local businesses and telling them about your services. For instance, you may contact various boutiques, coffee shops, yoga centers, and other places. It is better to work with the social media platforms you are comfortable with, as it will allow you to not only polish your skills but also enjoy this process. Besides, by building social media connections, you will be able to develop the skills that will help you succeed in the career chosen, as well as find out new ways how to make easy money as a college student.

Apply for a Scholarship

A scholarship is one more way to cover your college expenses. A lot of colleges provide sufficient funding to students, who really deserve it. To get the scholarship, you will need to write a good-looking scholarship essay that will convince the scholarship committee members that you deserve this scholarship. If you are not sure how your scholarship essay should be written, do not hesitate to order our writing help and we will provide you with a brilliant essay that will fully meet and exceed your expectations.

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We do hope that our handy suggestions have helped you figure out how to make money in college. Enjoy your success!

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