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How to Study Smart and Never Waste Your Time

Tips On How To Study Effectively

December 2, 2016

While studying at college, my grades were always perfect. Although I do not consider this to be a great achievement, my secret of getting an A and A+ is in studying smart. In fact, I never spent days and nights cramming new information.

My success is attributed to the fact that I learned to organize the material in a way that is simple to remember whenever I need it. Today, I am going to teach you fast learning techniques that will make your college life easier.

how to study smart

My own effective study methods

Building an Understanding

Studying a new subject is a similar process to building a house. Your professor gives you the building material, however, it is up to you how to use it. Unfortunately, many students “build their houses” with the help of memorization and formulas which are not the best ways to study.

Learning using memorization and formulas only helps you remember the place of the building material in your house. The problem is that when you learn a subject, you should try to understand it.

Learning Holistically

On the other hand, this method is considered one of the best ways to study. Here are several tips that will help you to master the skill of learning holistically:

  • Metaphor. Use this device to compare a difficult idea to a simple one and quickly organize the material. In other words, find familiar analogies to new information.
  • Use your senses. When you need to remember an abstract idea, try to draw the picture of it in your mind using your senses.
  • Teach it. When you do not understand something, find other students who have the same problem and try to explain the material to him/her.
  • Find patterns. Search for patterns in the material you are studying and it will be easier to understand the information that has similar patterns.
  • Do not force it. Never try to force the material into your head just before the exam. Study in advance and review the information from time to time.

Many students face challenges while studying simply because they do not know how to study effectively. Use these tips and never spend a lot of time on your homework.

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