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Plagiarism in Research Paper: How to Ensure Original Content?

Plagiarism in Research Paper

April 14, 2022

When working on a research paper, students encounter the biggest challenges with finding peer-reviewed and up-to-date sources, as well as extracting credible evidence and data. When students fail to cite these sources in a proper way, they are likely to have plagiarism in research paper. Whatever research paper you are working on, you have to provide a strong and argumentative thesis statement or research problem, which is then elaborated and backed up with evidence throughout the paper. So, when you use ideas and facts that are not yours, it is a must to cite them and mention the author to avoid plagiarism. To understand how to avoid plagiarism in research paper, it is essential for you to know what types of plagiarism exist and what plagiarism is.

What Is Plagiarism in Research?

Plagiarism is a breach of academic integrity principles by means of using words, phrases, ideas, and investigations that belong to other authors. Without acknowledgment of those authors, you go against the law and use their intellectual property that is presented as if it were yours. When you are caught plagiarizing, you commit a serious academic offense that professors severely punish. Among the negative results provoked by plagiarism in research paper is the loss of one’s good reputation, poor grade, or even withdrawal from college or university.

Thus, it is essential for students and researchers to understand what plagiarism is. Not all cultures have this unspoken rule to authenticate sources, but in the majority of educational establishments validating information and providing in-text citations are prerequisites of academic integrity principles. Students working on a research paper are to respect those researchers who have made a contribution to a specific subject area, and thus always cite their ideas. Ensuring original content can be particularly hard for non-native speakers of English. So, if you find yourself in a struggle with research paper writing and do not know how to write a research paper without plagiarism, count on our professional assistance.

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Why You Are to Avoid Plagiarism in Research Paper

Among the offenses that a student or a researcher can commit is plagiarism. Why? – Because plagiarism cases bring forward ethical and integrity principles. Despite its seriousness, plagiarism can occur rather often, because students may write research papers in haste or may simply lack skills and experience to find reliable sources and cite them adequately. If you are a student who lacks time to complete the research project and finishes it quickly in a hurry before the deadline, you are prone to quickly copying and pasting information without appropriate formatting.

Eliminating plagiarism is a task that is equally important both for students and scholars of different areas. Check out the reasons why you are to avoid plagiarism in research papers no matter what academic level you belong to:

  • it helps you boost the overall quality of writing since you stop merely copying information from the outside sources and pasting it in your own research;
  • it prevents you from facing embarrassment in class when you are caught at plagiarism;
  • when caring for the authenticity of ideas, you practice in paraphrasing others’ ideas without crowding your paper with the compilation of quotations;
  • you save yourself from aggravating consequences in your academic career;
  • you can use online plagiarism fixers to learn how to communicate your ideas without copying someone else’s work.

How You Can Avoid Plagiarism in Research Paper

With the following tips outlined by professional writers, you can guard yourself against plagiarism cases. Check out the main guidelines below:

  1. Write your paper from scratch. One of the most important and evident ways of avoiding plagiarism in a research paper is to write the assignment from scratch keeping to individual requirements. It denotes that you produce content from A to Z on your own. Imagine that your professor has asked you to provide a paper in History. Thus, even if you need to look through a variety of sources and rely on the information taken from there, you need to convey your original ideas and communicate the main message in your own words. To succeed in academic writing and ensure authenticity of content, you need to organize the writing process in a proper way. Particularly, this whole process has to comprise such stages: brainstorming, researching, writing an outline, composing the rough draft and the final draft, as well as editing and proofreading the paper before submission. When you follow this approach and work on your paper consistently and on your own, you will not risk the quality of content. Writing from scratch enables you not only to avoid plagiarism but also to craft a unique piece of writing that adheres to specific instructions. There can be cases of self-plagiarism – when you have once completed a paper on World War II, it does not mean that you can use the same paper for submitting an essay on the same topic but in a different course. Every academic writing task that you write is to be written anew.
  2. Paraphrase the content or sum it up with in your own words. This is a tip that proves to be effective when you need to provide original content. When you read some information, try to assimilate it, and then provide a summary of facts in your own words. You can use synonymic constructions or use some terms interchangeably in order to repeat how the information is stated in the original source. When you paraphrase, it means that you present the same information in your own words that are normally easier for understanding. Nonetheless, even when you paraphrase, it does not mean that these are your own ideas, so you need to provide in-text citations. The process of paraphrasing does not mean that you just change separate words and terms into synonyms – you need to grasp the content and rewrite it in other words. The difference between paraphrasing and summary is that the former is used for conveying the ideas written in a few sentences, whereas the latter is used for communicating messages of larger works, such as full-fledged articles. Try to use a creative approach when paraphrasing or summarizing as plagiarism checkers do not merely spot the same wording but they also show a similarity index when it comes to ideas. This approach is effective when you cannot provide a direct quote of some medium of publication.
  3. Use quotes. Writing some information in quotation marks means that you have taken some idea in its exact wording from the original source. So, when you put information in quotation marks, consider that you do not have to alter the original wording in any way.
  4. Get to know what type of information to cite. When looking for sources, it is essential for students to know what types of literature ought to be cited. For instance, some assignments allow only those citations taken from the peer-reviewed journals and credible manuscripts. In some other cases, students may use information taken from websites or other online sources. Students need to be aware of adding excessive citations in the dissertation or other papers. If there are really many citations, the paper will be crammed with them. How to identify when a specific piece of information requires citation or not? First of all, when you provide some generally accepted or true fact, you can simply state it. Besides, if the information you mention is known to an average person, there is no need to cite it either. One of such widely accepted statements is that global warming is a serious climate problem. Contrariwise, statements containing some statistics, numbers, and specific facts require citation. For instance, when you state that an average temperature in some specific locations is expected to decrease or increase. As well as that, if you are confused whether the information is widely known or not, you’d better cite it.
  5. Keep tabs on the sources you cite. This is a preventive measure against plagiarizing others’ works. Do not be tempted to first write the paper (i.e. the text of the main body) and then think of inserting the citations. Within the process of writing, especially when the paper is long, you can forget about the authors, sources, or what particular book or article you have been using when writing something. So, in order not to lose track of the information you have taken from the outside sources, please insert citations consistently while writing the main text. When you attribute the provided fact to the incorrect source, this case will also be considered as plagiarism. The point is that correspondence of citations to the sources is also carefully checked. So, keep tabs and evaluate sources on time. Consider it as a habit – you use information from the source and you immediately mention the author and publication.
  6. Use anti-plagiarism software. Before submitting your academic paper, always scan the content via plagiarism checkers. To detect plagiarism in your piece of writing, you can use a specific embedded plagiarism checker on website. You will be able to see whether you have plagiarism, what its percentage is, and check whether it is valid. To eliminate plagiarism when you refer to the summary of some findings, think of different wording and try to paraphrase. So, when you work on a literature review, it is strongly recommendable to take notes of the most important facts and then paraphrase the information.
  7. Purchase research papers online from custom writing services. You must have definitely noticed that the popularity of custom writing agencies is growing with each day. Do you know why? – Because students try to get rid of stress and worries and trust their writing assignments to experienced professionals in the field of academic writing. Also, one of the evident benefits is that these companies know how to check plagiarism in research paper projects and they guarantee authentic content. So, students can place an order online and then enjoy the time set free for some other activities. While a custom writer is working on your paper, you can change your batteries and wind up. This is a great advantage if you do not want to struggle with the assignment but get excellent grades for your writing tasks.

If you are willing to purchase a research paper from a trustworthy and credible custom writing agency, is certainly your best option. Writers on our team have in-depth expertise and academic degrees in a variety of specialties. So, you can trust papers to us no matter what topic or complexity level they are. If you hesitate whether it is a good idea to see help from, take a look at customers’ feedbacks. You will be pleasantly surprised that clients get the papers they need written following their requirements. Besides, the prices are affordable and they start at $12.99, which is a relatively low rate when compared to other services.

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However challenging it is to work on research papers, plagiarism in research paper projects is totally intolerable. There is no excuse for submitting plagiarized research papers and students may even be expelled from their institutional affiliations for that. Research paper writing is important as it teaches one not only to express thoughts in a fluent manner but also to increase one’s capacity to think critically, review and analyze information, and then elaborate arguments afterwards. So, if you need expert assistance with composing original content for a research paper, do not hesitate to contact our team.

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