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Swimming Pigs Bahamas Attraction

September 5, 2016


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spend your bahamas vacation swimming with pigs

The Pig Island, also known as Pig Beach, is a Big Major Cay island in Exuma in the Bahamas and is often considered to be uninhabited. It has specific residents though – a group of feral pigs that have been there for a couple of years already. Due to these unusual inhabitants the island received its second name.

There are around 20 of lovely pigs living on the island. Often they are swimming right along the island’s shoreline. No one actually knows how the pigs appeared living on the island, whether dropped by sailors who never returned, survived after the shipwreck, or escaped from a nearby island.

Actually, this is one of the island’s main attractions for those who know how to have fun in summer.

Spend Your Bahamas Vacation Swimming with Pigs

Being alone in the Big Major Cay, brown and pink pigs freely move around the island and in its shoreline waters. This sight can appear to be stunning to those tourists who come here for the first time. Pigs are very friendly and often can even meet the approaching ships and boats with people.

It is easy to feed them, and they often swim with people in the water, being definitely the main lovely attraction of the Pig island. So you can make your Bahamas vacation a splendid adventure by deciding to visit Big Major Cay.

Which Company to Choose

Thinking about summer vacation ideas? Bahamas vacation will let you have enjoyable time with the lovely pigs. There three key excursion firms that will arrange swimming with Pigs in The Bahamas. They are Exuma Cay Adventures, Four C Adventures, and Staniel Cay Area Boat Tours.

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