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Top 12 Greatest Sports Scandals

September 5, 2016


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12 Biggest Sports Scandals

Sport always deals with controversies. However, 2015 seemed to crack a record in the size and quality of sports conflicts. They may vary from corruption and racism to physical assault at the sports arena.

Sometimes the scandals in sport can go into the absurd, so let’s see what was there so fantastically outbreaking in the world of sports in 2015.

Scandal News in Sport, Year 2015


"Deflategate" was a stupid scandal involving the TOP of most popular participants: athlete Tom Brady, team The New England Patriots and the NFL. Brady was suspended, and the conflict resulted in a new wave of jokes around the situation and is still to be continued.

FIFA and Sepp Blatter

This scandal news was extremely global including corruption at the highest levels of FIFA.

It started when the U.S. Department of Justice accused 14 soccer officials of corruption charges and unsanctioned money expenditures. However, FIFA president Sepp Blatter resigned, waiting for the investigation in ethics.

Coach Steve Sarkisian and F-words

One of the most interesting sports facts about football is the coach stories.

A well-paid college football coach Steve Sarkisian spoiled his speech with F-words in front of the big donors at the USC-sponsored event. Of course, he was fired in the end.

Geno Smith Fight

A locker room fight over money between IK Enemkpali and Geno Smith ended up with a broken jaw, followed by the surgery and eventually a lost gig.

Other interesting sports facts that can be referred to scandal news are the following:

The Washington Football Team Redskins lost their trademark because the court considered its title to be "offensive to Native Americans".

A boxing gig between Mayweather and Pacquiao, both being notorious sportsmen and their matchup.

Daily fantasy, a gambling game, appeared in 2015, promising enormous payoffs for anyone who’s in and offering you to become a player in any fantasy sports game. Finally, it was accused of using fake advertising.

The NFL's CTE problems.  According to medical research, most of its players suffered concussions or any other brain injuries that resulted in chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

Payoffs for the basketball team escort at the University of Louisville turned out to be a scandal when revealed that graduate assistant Andre McGee had spent $10,000 to for the "sex parties" for Cardinals players.

Greg Hardy, Carolina Panthers player, was arrested for assault of his ex-girlfriend.

Ex-Boston Sports Guy Bill Simmons became a TV host, and once accused of being a liar Roger Goodell was fired afterward.  

Strikes of the Missouri Football Team based on racial tensions and a refusal to play until resulted in the resignation of the university president Tim Wolfe.