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What Can Your Favorite Cartoon Character Tell About You?

favourite cartoon as a personality test

September 5, 2016

Favourite Cartoon as a Personality Test

Everybody watches cartoons, and please don’t even try to deny this fact! Remember when you were a kid? So, how often did you sit in front of the TV and wait for Ninja Turtles or Tom & Jerry. Well, it’s just an example. I’m sure your favorite cartoon character can be any other of the millions.

Remember who you loved the most? Then let’s go through a funny and truthful personality test together. When you’re a kid, you see the world with different eyes and try the things you like.

Who didn’t associate himself or herself with powerful magicians or superheroes, princesses or witches? Psychologists say that our loved images in childhood can tell a lot about our inner world, so they suggest a simple personality test to pass. 

Daria Morgendorffer on Daria

After getting over the tag “unfashionable” in high school, you are now popular. Having moved from suburbs to the city, you are a college fine arts student. Your music is Katy Perry as a way to have fun and feel life in private.

Zim on Invader Zim

As a kid of punks, a true rebellion, you now do care about your hair, adore black color, and still think that Incubus' "Megalomaniac" is the best song ever.  

Finn on Adventure Time

Your way to have fun is thrill. This is what you live for. As one of the most courageous people among your friends, you like extreme, and sometimes it is too much, though. 

Bobby Hill on King of the Hill

Your eating habits when you’re stressed are strange. However, people love you for your communication skills.

Tina Belcher on Bob's Burgers

You’re obsessed with zombies and seem to be sexually disturbed, but overall you are a good person who loves to have fun.

Charlie Brown on Peanuts

A person who is frustrated with life and life gets frustrated with you. Despite the fact that people don’t treat you well enough, you’re an optimist.

Judy Funnie on Doug

A nostalgic old school hipster who loves Bob Dylan and is very intelligent and fashionable.

Riley Freeman on the Boondocks

An intelligent fan of rap and R. Kelly, you know how to manipulate life and situations, so all this together often saves you from getting into a trouble.

Patrick Star on SpongeBob SquarePants

A witty smart-ass, you adore annoying your friends, and are pretty much a slacker and a genius. 

Actually, it is pretty easy to draw connection between any of the characters of childhood cartoons and your probable traits if to crack the secrets of this so-called personality quiz. So, turn on your imagination and become a cartoon psychologist for your friends.


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