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Where to Go on Christmas

December 9, 2016


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where to go on Christmas

Where to Go on Christmas

Ideally, Christmas time is associated with jingle bells’ sounds, a bunch of snow and merry spirits that flow in the air. However, very often, people don’t mind deviating from the standards and trying some extravagant pastime. In this extract, we are going to review destinations, where you can spend your winter vacations.

Warm Winter Vacations

There are lots of January holiday destinations both for people who can’t stand spending time in silence and for lovers of tranquility; for beach goers and for fans of festivities:

  • Visit Beaufort, South Carolina, if you prefer small towns to megalopolis and enjoy the coziness of its Christmas atmosphere. One more warm place worth going is Delray Beach, Florida.
  • Spend time on a cruise with Santa, singing carols by candlelight or taking part in the Delray Beach holiday parade known as “A Rock and Roll Holiday.” Orlando, Florida is the place that offers vacation without crowds in the theme parks and with a short drive to a beach location.
  • Christmas time provides seasoned travelers with a wide range of options. For those who are keen on attending festivals and spending time in the public places, Las Vegas, Nevada, suggests the most crowded Christmas program at every mall, restaurant or streets. As well as Vegas, Savannah, Georgia, changes into the alley of festivities in which tourists may take an active part during the whole holidays.
  • If you consider yourself to be a culture vulture, go straight to New Orleans, Louisiana, and plunge into the most splendid Christmas exhibition in the country or visit San Francisco, California, where you can have a ride on historical cable cars along the streets of the wonderland into which San Francisco transforms.
  • For animal lovers, there is a perfect place located in Santa Monica, California. Christmas time here is distinguished by the season of whales’ migrations. Thus, you can observe a natural process in person.Shopaholics, you are highly welcomed during the holidays to Santa Monica, California. Find the inspiration in local people’s style walking between shops and outstanding places.
  • One more place that definitely should be in your to-visit-list is San Antonio, Texas, with its river walk at Christmas time. However, keep in mind that it is a very popular destination, so it is recommended to think about a place where you could stay beforehand.

Are you still hesitating where to spend Christmas holidays which would not only bring pleasure but also make you feel warmer during the winter period? Try one of the amazing places in the US offered above. Choose the one which suits your personal preferences the most.