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Bring your friends to our company and earn yourself 10% on every order they place. Moreover, the people you introduce will get a generous discount on the first order they place!

What you need to do?

You first need to order from us before you can begin earning. Once you embark on the order process, an account will be instigated for you on the website. To participate in our affiliate program, you will need to share a unique promotional code or referral link with people you know. This code or link can be found in your account area and it can be sent to friends by email or messenger or shared with them on a social networking site of your choice.

So, how do your friends get a first time discount from

It is quite simple. If any of them use the affiliate link they got from you, he or she will be taken to the page we use for collecting order information. Our order processing system will automatically apply a discount to that person’s order and it will note that you were instrumental in the referral.

The 10% you receive for every order – when your friends have submitted payment and each order is satisfactorily completed – will then be paid into your user account. These earnings are yours – you may withdraw them (via PayPal/Wire Transfer) or you may use them when you next need to order a product or service from us.

Thus, it is easy to become an affiliate. All it involves is sending a special promotional code or referral link to people who are likely to find our services useful. As and when people place orders with us as a result of your referrals, we will give you 10% of each order cost and we will give the people you refer a discount on the first purchase they make with