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Literature Review for Dissertation

Get Professional Help with Your Literature Review for Dissertation

In the process of writing a dissertation, seeking expert writing help may be the most prudent decision as it will save you a great amount of energy and time. However strange it may sound, but it may also save you more money since you will definitely save the tuition money, taking into account the fact that your dissertation is likely to be accepted when it is professionally written. Literature review for dissertation is a chapter that is essential to be included, but at the same time, it is the one that many students find it hard to deal with as they have to conduct in-depth research. Writing a literature review predetermines finding credible and up-to-date sources, which means that one has to consult only scholarly and peer-reviewed databases. If you find yourself at a loss and you wonder how to compose a review for your dissertation, do not hesitate and contact our company. Be sure that you can always rely on our dissertation literature review writing services for help.


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What Is a Literature Review?

A literature review is a chapter of a research paper of any type that has the core aim of providing a thorough study of scholarly sources, such as books, journals, articles, conference proceedings, etc. This exploration of the main topics and issues helps one form a clear picture of the existing and relevant studies that are available on the given topic. When a student writing a dissertation investigates the existing studies, it becomes possible to notice some gaps and decide on the subsequent research process and the possible focuses of the topic exploration.

Dissertation Literature Review Chapter

Aims of Writing a Dissertation Literature Review

  • Pinpoint to the existing gaps in the given research.
  • Get to know key findings to avoid introducing the points in your own research that are already known.
  • Provide a background of the existing literature in the given subject area.
  • Enables you to identify the main findings in the adjacent field.
  • Helps you to come up with sufficient intellectual context for your research.
  • Allows you to gather ample evidence and identify counterarguments to your hypotheses.
  • Enables you to discover the relevant methodology to your study.

How to Write a Literature Review for Dissertation?

Before you start working on your literature review section, you should definitely know what is a literature review in a dissertation and how it differs from an ordinary literature review written for some other purposes. First of all, when you are writing a dissertation or some other research paper, you need to understand the existing theoretical background and the available sources that can be used. Second, by reviewing literature and relying on some specific sources, you can demonstrate that you are well versed in your topic, and thus prove its relevance and potential contribution to the research field. So, to come up with a successful literature review, you need to go through the following steps:

  • Find the necessary sources and then conduct their in-depth analysis.
  • Having analyzed them, classify them according to specific features or criteria while identifying the major issues.
  • Take a look at those sources that you have selected and try to compare and contrast them.
  • Analyze how the same topics and issues are presented in different sources: critically analyze how they have advanced throughout recent years.
  • In the process of analysis, identify the existing gaps or areas that have not been addressed in detail. Consider these inconsistencies and think of the ways how they could be developed in the future.
  • Provide solid arguments that prove that your chosen topic is relevant.

Literature Review Structure Dissertation

  1. Introduction. In this section, you will have to provide a brief explanation how significant and relevant your topic is in relation to the broader context and subject area.
  2. The main discussion. Provide a thorough analysis and in-depth evaluation of the major issues that you have observed in the sources. If different sources are related to different aspects of the topics, it is recommended to classify them accordingly and compare and contrast them.
  3. Conclusion. Pinpoint to how the points mentioned in the main body relate to those highlighted in the introductory paragraph. Reiterate the thesis statement and also specify what contribution your research makes to the existing findings.
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Sample Outline Writing for Literature Review for Dissertation on Management

  1. Introductory section.
  2. Strategy for finding sources.
  3. The theoretical background of the topic with the conceptual framework.
  4. Sources supporting the research methods.
  5. Focus on servant leadership:
    • Where it originated from.
    • Its main values and principles.
    • Its methods.
    • Examples of seminal research.
    • Support of the current research.
  6. Focus on management styles:
    • First theory.
    • Second theory.
    • Third theory.
  7. How the chosen management styles influence on the retention of employees.
  8. Factors for maintaining employees:
    • External factors.
    • Internal factors.
    • The impact of the general context as well as.
  9. Summary of the main aspects.

Why It Is a Good Idea to Purchase Dissertation Literature Review Help

Even though the abovementioned recommendations are fairly detailed to be able to write a literature review for a dissertation on your own, you may still face some confusion or concerns about how to provide an effective literature review that fits in a dissertation perfectly. If you have no right for mistake and your only option is getting an A, it is definitely the most prudent way to buy dissertation literature review from our expert company. Some of the solid reasons to do that are the following:

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  • Having received a custom-written literature review, you will be able to use it as a sample for the other papers.

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