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College Article Review

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College Article Review

An article review is a common academic task that is frequently assigned in high schools, colleges and universities to evaluate student’s writing, research, and critical thinking skills, as well as his/her abilities to build the arguments logically. Indeed, the professors treat this task as an instrument for checking the writing capacity of the students. To write a college article review well, the students should be able to give a brief summary of the work assigned, as well as provide an evaluation of the key points discussed in the paper. Personal observations and experiences usually are not required.

If you believe that this assignment is rather challenging, we suggest you to follow our tutorial and learn effective tips and secrets that can significantly facilitate the process of writing. Below you will find a few stages of writing:

  • Read the article thoroughly. The best way to write a wonderful college article review is to read the article and understand everything that the author was going to say. If something is unclear to you, do not ignore it but read the article once again to familiarize yourself with the key author`s messages.
  • Brainstorm. Undoubtedly, after reading the article, you have got interesting thoughts in your mind that can be developed further in your essay. Write down everything that is worth attention. Do not be afraid if some of these thoughts seem illogical. When writing the rough draft, you will choose the most interesting ones. In the brainstorming process, it is vitally important to focus on the writing process and avoid distractors.
  • Create an outline. Some students mistakenly think that this part is not necessary; however, they do not understand that an outline serves as the skeleton of the paper helping the writer focus on building logical arguments without paying attention to meaningless information.
  • Know the structure of your paper. Usually, it is as follows: a title page – an abstract (not all formatting styles require an abstract) – introduction (with a thesis statement at the end) – main body –conclusion.
  • Start writing a rough draft. Do not procrastinate. We assure you that if you want to receive a positive grade, you have to work with your rough draft many times until it is perfect. We highly recommend you to make some pauses between the revisions to be able to notice the mistakes and fix them.
  • Write a final draft. Make sure to fix all grammatical and punctuation mistakes, as well as typos and logical inconsistencies. If you want to get a positive grade, your paper should be perfect. Moreover, it should follow all of the professor`s requirements and the highest academic standards. Beware of late submission since it will also spoil your grade.
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An article review for college is an essay in which the student presents an objective and unbiased critique of the article. More than any other academic task, this assignment offers the insight into the article`s content. Undoubtedly, every instructor has specific guidelines; however, there are a few common rules that should be followed by any college article review writer. As such, all college-level article reviews should include the brief summaries of the work so that the audience could also understand the author’s ideas. Besides, every article critique should include a thorough evaluation of the article along with the supporting examples.

Reading the article thoroughly is the particularly important process since it enables to dive into the flow of the author’s thoughts and understand his/her ideas better. Summarize your article in one paragraph. Indeed, an article review is a more challenging task than a book review, mainly because it is usually shorter and the students find it difficult to present an in-depth analysis in several paragraphs.

Do not hesitate to mention the contribution of the article to the specific field of study. To cope with this task well, we suggest you answer the following questions:

  • Who is the author`s target audience?
  • Does the writer state the main point clearly? What arguments does he/she suggest to prove this point?
  • What is his/her essential goal?
  • How well is the article written?
  • Are there any disadvantages/logical inconsistencies in the article?
  • Does the article bring the meaningful contribution to the specific area?
  • Can the article change the reader’s mind regarding some subject or issue?
  • Should this article be recommended to a certain category of people?

Finally, write your personal response to the article. Do you agree/disagree with the author’s claims? Why? Remember that all your statements should be supported with the sound evidence from the article. To support your words, you can use the direct citations from the article or paraphrase them. As such, check the prompt carefully to find out what formatting style is required. If the professor is asking you to write an APA article review, make sure to follow the APA tutorial since formatting is the important point of the grading rubric.

The Main Parts of an Article Review

Any college article review should start with an introduction in which the writer should introduce the article and its author. The introduction should end with a thesis statement. A thesis statement is a meaningful idea that defines the scope of the entire essay. The main evaluation of the article should be developed in the main body. After the brainstorming process, you should have several ideas. Choose three or four the most interesting ones, and develop them into the topic sentences that will start the body paragraphs. Keep in mind that each important point of the article should be discussed in a separate body paragraph. Finally, write a powerful conclusion, in which you will not only restate the information discussed in the article but also mention the theoretical and practical value of the article to the particular discipline.

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