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Dissertation Chapter – Hypothesis

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Every elaborate scientific investigation comes from a well-thought-out dissertation hypothesis. This a statement that predicts the results of your research. It also means it can be tested and proved, as it should be based on facts and previous investigations. Thus, a hypothesis cannot stem merely from your imagination. An experienced scholar knows that you cannot start carrying out the necessary experiments or collecting data before you generate your hypothesis. As you are apparently familiar with the topic of your research, it is not too complicated to come up with predictions. However, you may struggle to find the most insightful answer to your main research question. It demands scrupulous scrutiny of the subject. What is interesting, there are certain research projects that might contain multiple hypotheses, as the complex investigation consists of several fundamental aspects, and each one should be addressed.


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As you might have understood, your hypothesis cannot be based on guesses and make-believe concepts; it should be grounded on well-proven theories and in-depth scientific knowledge. Other researchers may also want to test your hypothesis for its verity and ingeniousness, so you must be able to support it using the applicable investigation methods. These can be various observations, statistical analyses, and pertinent experiments.

The truth is that a hypothesis for a dissertation is a sophisticated task, as it requires profound preliminary knowledge, which is rare to find if you are a beginner in academic research. Obviously, even having a background in writing research papers, a student remains an amateur, as they have not acquired the desired degree yet. Even after you get a doctorate, you will be called a scholar. A dissertation should demonstrate comprehensive writing skills, high-level creativity, and your potential as a researcher. Therefore, it is a responsible task to produce a hypothesis for the work that reflects an advanced academic level. Some even say that a significant part of your success is predetermined by a well-generated hypothesis.

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Hypotheses can be of Different Types

The substantial element of dissertation writing is developing a hypothesis, which unravels the quintessential meaning of the overall investigation. If you are new to this task, you may not also be aware of the types of hypothesis, which mirrors the relationship of your ideas and discloses your central purpose. Usually, those types are divided into a “null” hypothesis, “research” hypothesis, and an “alternative” hypothesis. The null type creates an equilibrium between your findings and, at the same time, it neutralizes the influence of the predictions of your “research” hypothesis. It practically does not involve predictions, but it allows your opinions to be expressed in a flow of sudden assumptions and statements. In contrast, the alternative type is aimed to predict the outcomes and effects of your investigation.

Academicians divide the research hypothesis into two separate types, having called those “one-tailed” (identifies the investigatory direction, its increase and decrease) and “two-tailed” (designates certain modifications rather than directions) research hypotheses.

Writing Dissertation Hypothesis

Ways to Create a Dissertation Hypothesis in a Meaningful Way

It is impossible to imagine the proper development of any academic career without written compositions, researchers, and, ultimately, dissertations. Extensive research projects require a good command of compositional elements, such as coherent structure and formatting, deeply scrutinized resources, well-examined data, along with other creative demands. Forming a hypothesis remains an integral task, as it is able to amalgamate all the constituents of your research logically. An outstanding hypothesis may suddenly unravel breakthrough ideas you have not even dreamt to discover. It will help to make your research more thought-provoking for your audience, and, therefore more competitive.

  1. The initial thing to remember is that you need to come up with a hypothesis only when conducting quantitative research only. It is not applicable to qualitative research because it is based on a particular experience, which cannot be tested or verified. Hence, any hypothesis can be proved or refuted.
  2. The hypothesis cannot exist separately from the objectives of the research. So, your task is to find the appropriate connections between the hypothesis and the work’s focal aims. As a major statement, the dissertation hypothesis cannot be vague to distinctly convey the meaning of your investigation and reflect your research question.
  3. The central assumption you generate should sound reasonable, accurate, and provable. It is favorable to ask yourself such a question, “What should I do to produce a hypothesis that is relevant, credible, and scientifically valuable?”.
  4. You cannot dedicate several pages to your hypothesis, even when elaborating on it in some sections is acceptable. In any way, it is important to control its clarity and briefness. You must bear in mind that this is not a paragraph, but a statement, which consists of two sentences maximum. Hence, its wordiness will only aggravate your further research results. Despite its succinctness, you have to stick to a specific structure and formal tone.
  5. Pay attention to the words you choose. Even if you investigate a complex scientific matter, the hypothesis should not sound too ostentatious and highfalutin. Think about your readers, which would consist not only of scholars. Besides, there is a word that should never be used in a hypothesis, which is “proved”, as you aim to prove or disprove your claim further in the research.

What do you need to know to write a winning hypothesis? The recommendations by our experts will lead you throughout the way:

Good Dissertation Hypothesis

Testing of Hypotheses

The connoisseurs of dissertation writing state that it is vital to test the null and alternative hypotheses to find out a variety of probable consequences. Usually, only one outcome should be left in the end, while all other possibilities must be negated. Only after you analyze all the scope of the necessary data, it is reasonable to make a decision: whether to prove the alternative hypothesis and reject disprove the null hypothesis and vice versa.

Searching for the Inspiring Hypotheses’ Examples

It may be useful to look through an abundance of miscellaneous hypotheses before completing your own. You can test the suitability of other preliminary created hypotheses to understand how it is better to approach your assumption. Evidently, your discipline may be unique and you may not find similar ideas to yours, but you will learn to see hypothetical contradictions and drawbacks. For instance, this is a mistake to make the same dissertation title as your hypothesis. You will not benefit from disclosing the central claim in the title. However, many titles of successful theses can be great conceptual examples that would inspire the direction of your future hypothesis.

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Hypothesis Creation Process Is Not Intimidating With

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How to Order a Dissertation Hypothesis

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