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How to Write a Plagiarism-Free Paper?

Paraphrase and add citations

Instead of copying someone’s exact words, consider paraphrasing. To paraphrase the text, you have to express the main ideas of the original source in your own words. If you want to share someone else’s idea, always include proper citation.

Use the best plagiarism checker

Prior to submitting your final papers, run them through our free plagiarism checker. This reliable tool checks your content for originality and provides a detailed plagiarism report.

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Research writing experts at can edit your paper. They rewrite the duplicate content, update your citations, and remove all instances of plagiarism.

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    Check paper for plagiarism with and you won’t have to worry about security and confidentiality. We comply with data privacy law and never save submitted papers to our database. Once the checking process is completed, you can delete your document immediately.

What is Plagiarism and Why Is It a Problem?

  • Plagiarism is a serious ethical issue facing students. It occurs when a person copies the content of someone’s work partially or entirely. Students often deliberately or accidentally incorporate other’s ideas into their paper without full acknowledgment, which is regarded as plagiarism. Several types of plagiarism exist.

  • Complete Plagiarism. It occurs when a student copies the entire content of someone else’s work and submits it under his or her own name. This type of plagiarism represents a severe offense equivalent to intellectual property theft.

  • Source-based Plagiarism. It happens when a student provides a reference to a source that does not actually exist. This trick allows increasing the number of reference sources.

  • Direct Plagiarism. It represents an intentional form of stealing content. The student copies the text of another author and pastes it in his or her own piece of writing without attribution, thereby claiming it as an original work. Unlike complete plagiarism, direct plagiarism refers to a particular part (rather than entire) of another text. This type of plagiarism is a serious violation of academic ethics. Insert quotation marks and indicate the source to avoid it.

  • Self or Auto Plagiarism. It ordinarily occurs among research writers when they reuse significant portions of their past works without attribution. The severity of this offense depends on the amount of the copied content.

  • Inaccurate Authorship. University students commit this type of plagiarism when they inaccurately cite authors of the academic paper. Students often indicate just one name of the author despite the academic piece is written by more than 3 authors. Without giving due credit, the content is considered plagiarized.

  • Paraphrasing Plagiarism. It happens when students alter several words in someone else’s writing. However, the original idea and the sentence structure remain unchanged. Our essay plagiarism checker helps you address this issue.

  • Patchwork or Mosaic Plagiarism. This type of plagiarism is very difficult to detect. It occurs when students use ideas from several different sources to create a new paper. The plagiarized content is interwoven with the students’ own perspectives.

  • Accidental Plagiarism. It happens accidentally when university students improperly cite their sources or omit quotation marks. Despite the lack of intent, cases of accidental plagiarism are also regarded as academic offense.

  • Today, professors use a wide range of tools for detecting plagiarism in students’ papers. Therefore, they can spot plagiarized content with easy. When the plagiarism check report shows a high similarity percentage, professors impose educational sanctions on students for the violation of academic integrity rules. Students accused of academic dishonesty face serious consequences. They most often receive an F for the paper that contains unoriginal ideas. Furthermore, one serious case of plagiarism may result in course failure. Students who have committed the act of plagiarism may also receive an invitation to a disciplinary hearing. They should explain their actions before the committee at the hearing. It is a stressful procedure for students, which may ruin their academic reputation. The outcome of the hearing depends on the severity of the case of plagiarism. The committee may ask students to complete additional tasks in order to prove that they have realized their error. It is an excellent chance for students to restore their good reputation. However, the committee may also make a decision to expel students found guilty of dishonest conduct.

    You can avoid plagiarism-related issues if you constantly conduct essay originality check with our online plagiarism checker. It enables you to perform all academic work in an honest manner and maintain a good academic reputation.

How to Use Our Professional Plagiarism Checker?

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Upload your file

You should start with uploading your file in DOC, DOCX, or PDF formats. You can also copy and paste the text of your paper in the check box. It does not matter what language your text is written in, because our plagiarism checker supports any language.


Run the checker

The plagiarism search engine starts working after you click on the “Check” button. It scans your content and matches it against every existing webpage on the Internet thoroughly and extremely fast. You can be sure that this process takes only a few minutes.


View the plagiarism report

Our plagiarism checker comes with a reporting option. You receive a clear and concise report that displays the amount of duplicated content in percentages and all detected sources of plagiarism.


Improve your paper

If the similarity score is higher than acceptable, you should correct your paper. The plagiarism report highlights the duplicated parts of the text. It enables you to quickly and easily identify passages that require improvement. However, if you find the correction process difficult or time-consuming, our editors or writers can help you anytime.

High Plagiarism Score! What to Do?

We know that a high similarity score may be very frustrating for you. You can use our plagiarism checker and rewriter tool to improve your piece of writing. However, if you do not know for sure that you can make the necessary corrections, experts at will be happy to help you. Do not hesitate to ask our company’s professionals to do the following tasks:

  • paraphrase the parts of your text that has duplicate content and then provide appropriate citation;
  • check the in-text citations and fix formatting mistakes;
  • insert in-text citation in your piece of writing;
  • improve the structure of your paper;
  • edit the list of references;
  • find trustworthy sources for your research paper;
  • provide original ideas for your paper.

Our experts can also write an original academic paper according to the professor’s requirements.

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