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Dissertation Results Chapter

Dissertation Results Chapter from Writing Experts

If you are struggling with writing your dissertation results chapter, you are welcome to contact our company for assistance. Our company has solid experience in the custom-writing area, so we can definitely help you with dissertations assignments and not only. What is the purpose of a dissertation? Since it is an extended research paper that is assigned for a student to work on over a long period of time, it should reflect the experience and knowledge gained throughout the course. The main difference between a dissertation assignment and an ordinary research paper is that the former entails original research instead of providing a comprehensive critical analysis or review of the existing sources. When you are writing a dissertation, you can be expected to make a contribution to the whole subject area. That is why when you are presenting some findings, it is essential that you base them on specific facts.


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A dissertation is a complex paper that comprises of different chapters. For the majority of students, a dissertation results chapter is one of the most challenging to write. What makes it so challenging? Often the results chapter presents findings in textual and visual formats, so when you are placing some graphs, figures, and tables, you need to make sure that they are comprehensible enough. If you have no clear vision of how to present your obtained findings and discuss them, feel free to seek help from our dissertation results writing service. We have a team of experienced and highly qualified writers who can cope with PhD level writing assignments and dissertation writing is not an exception.

What Is a Dissertation Results Chapter?

The key aspect that should be understood about writing a dissertation results section is that you should not present all of the obtained data. Instead, you need to take the most significant findings and organize them in a clear and concise manner to be understood by the target readers. It depends on the paper length and topic what kind of results you will acquire. Still, the core point here is to be able to pick the most essential data and discuss its importance and role in the whole research. The results that you present should pinpoint what was done in relation to the topic and what implications the findings pose.

One of the recommended ways to organize your findings is to go back to the introductory section and pay attention to the research questions. Try to relate the findings to the initial research questions: have you managed to answer them throughout the study? If yes, be sure to indicate what you have obtained. An important thing here is to present the findings and organize them in a logical order. For example, one of the recommended means is to organize the findings chronologically, i.e. by mentioning in the very same order as you acquired them (or in the order that your research questions appear).

How to Make Sure That the Results Chapter Fits into the Dissertation?

The section presenting the dissertation results should go after the dissertation methodology chapter. Specifically, the results should be provided after the following information has been presented:

  • You underlined the significance of the research and have properly explained the core issue of the study.
  • You have presented a literature review, where you have provided a properly organized list of sources used within the research and have explained which of them were most relevant.
  • You have discussed the methodology that leads to the desired results.

Once you have organized this information, you need to present the findings in the results section. The biggest mistake you should definitely avoid is presenting all the raw data that has been found throughout the research and writing process. Remember that you should include only clear information and the most essential facts pertaining to the topic in order not to confuse the reader. The findings should either prove or disprove the research hypothesis. If you struggle with providing a dissertation results section on your own, remember that you can buy dissertation results writing online from our expert writers.

How to Write a Dissertation Results Chapter?

As you are starting to work on the results section, you need to keep in mind that you are not required to provide an extended and in-depth discussion of the information you have gathered and it’s meaning. Make sure that you focus on the most important findings and that you present them in a way that is easy to follow. The main point here is to properly organize the findings in order to convey the central idea clearly. It should be understandable for the audience what you want to say with your results.

Another reason why all the information should be adequately formatted and organized is that it should not confuse the readers or distract them from the most important research aspects. When you sort the findings in a clear way, it will be easy for them to find the necessary information and move from one point to the other. Since the audience is mainly interested in the results, it is recommended to present it in a comprehensible way, so include less text and more visual elements, such as tables, diagrams, figures, graphs, and so on. When organizing the information, it is critical to use subheadings as they will help readers better navigate through the text and notice the needed results. So, make sure to add a subheading for each section. The data should actually be presented in the order of importance: from the most to the least important.

Where to Get Dissertation Results Help When You Cannot Cope with the Results Section?

It definitely happens that you cannot cope with the dissertation results section on your own. Therefore, in order not to put your academic performance at risk be sure that you can get help with the dissertation results section from our experts. Our company has a team of PhD writers who can help you with any dissertation section regardless of its complexity.

Dissertation Results

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