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It is not very easy to create a poster when you have lots of other essential things to handle. In case you need a poster presentation to support your case study, coursework dissertation, research report, term paper, thesis, or any other type of written project – out best research poster presentation writing service for college and university can assist you in achieving your impressive and astounding academic mark or score.

Any topic – any discipline – any complexity – any deadline of your academic poster is not a problem for our online profound professional poster writing service. Our university and college poster writers can easily complete a 100% unique, plagiarism-free, and creative research poster presentation for you exclusively. Get our professional research poster help and support from our academic poster writing company right away!

What is a Poster Presentation?

A poster presentation, no matter whether it is a conference poster presentation, a scientific poster presentation, or a professional poster presentation, is a combination of graphics and text aimed at presenting your research, project or study in an interesting, original and creative way. The poster presentation allows displaying your research or study to a big number of people, such as scholars, researchers, academicians, and general public, and discussing, as well as receiving feedback from the involved or interested parties.

Poster presentations have been very widespread and common in the scientific community for some time. Recently, they have been applied in order to present one’s research or study in various disciplines, such as service learning, the arts, social sciences, and the humanities. For instance, in you refer to our poster presentation examples database provided at the website of our best research poster presentation writing service for college and university, you will be able to find an original chemistry research poster on Polymers, a unique cardiology poster presentation on novel cardio stimulators, a creative pharmacy poster presentation on vitamins, a mind-blowing case report poster presentation on Titan and Mars colonization projects, or an ordinary undergraduate research poster on Classical Literature or the Renaissance epoch.

You should take into account that the formats of poster presentations may differ depending on the field of science, but in each case, posters should clearly present what you did, the way how you managed to do this, the reasons why you did it, as well as what contributions were made by you in a certain field of science and human knowledge.

26 Tips on How to Create a Poster Presentation

  1. Each research poster presentation, no matter whether it is a nursing poster presentation, a psychology poster presentation or computer science poster presentation, should be eye-catching and easily recognizable from the distance of about 10 meters;
  2. Always follow the rubric for a poster presentation provided;
  3. It is recommended to utilize white space, as well as large images and fonts in the design of the poster;
  4. The word count of an ordinary university or college research poster should not exceed 1000 words;
  5. Use illustrations, pictures, images, charts, tables, graphs in order to explain certain concepts;
  6. When you make a poster presentation, you should prepare a well-thought-out abstract, which is supposed to consist of a single sentence only;
  7. The title of any poster, whether psychology research poster or biology research poster, should be unique, intriguing and creative. Do not forget to provide an amazing image or photo close by the title of your good poster presentation;
  8. Title, as well as headings and sub-headings, should be in a sans-serif font, for instance, Helvetica. Times New Roman can be applied to other text. The minimum size is to be 22 points;
  9. You should include such sections devoted to methodology, as well as conclusion;
  10. There should always be black text on the white background. Avoid utilizing yellow and blue colors as they are very complicated to read and thus understand the presented information;
  11. Number all figures, tables, charts, graphs, etc., whether in a medical poster presentation, a literature review poster presentation or a chemistry poster presentation;
  12. If you finish university or college poster presentation, you should format it in accordance with the chosen style, for instance, APA poster presentation citation or any other poster presentation format;
  13. The last but not least step is to edit and proofread your academic poster presentation;
  14. If you are done with your qualitative research poster, for example, check it on the computer screen and step back half a meter from your screen;
  15. You may also project your poster onto the wall before you print it in order to check the formatting made at a real size;
  16. Just in case, take a white tape and fine-line marker pen in case there are any mistakes be detected;
  17. You should devote as much space as needed or required each section or element of your research or study. You should devote a greater part of your space to the most important pieces of information;
  18. As to the white space, it is advised to leave from about 10% to approximately 30% of a poster as the white space. The following space can help your audience in transferring from one point of your poster to the other one;
  19. When applying visuals, you should keep in mind that they should contribute to or support your key points and not just be a kind of decoration on your poster;
  20. In order to make your poster user friendly, you can utilize one of the large fonts. You should check whether your text can be visible from 5 feet away from your poster. Take into account that if your audience does not recognize your text from a distance, then your presentation will become a failure;
  21. You should choose or follow a specific style of formatting. For instance, APA format poster presentation is one of the frequently used ones;
  22. Double spacing or 1,5 spacing is recommended to be used to make your text easier to look at, read, and understand;
  23. When you stand in front of your audience while making a poster presentation, you and piece of information that you want to present are as significant as your poster itself;
  24. When your poster is completed, you should practice in presenting it accordingly;
  25. You should also show your poster presentation to your teacher, professor or supervisor beforehand. If there are problematic or debatable issues, they will point out them to you. Thus, you will have some time to eliminate them;
  26. Avoid reading your poster. It is better to be well familiar with each point of your poster and avoid looking at it. Utilize your poster as kind of visual aid to attract your audience attention to a specific image, chart, table, etc.

How to make a poster presentation: Practical and helpful tips from our specialists working in our university and college poster writing services

  • In order to create a poster, you should have astounding and unique poster presentation ideas. You should always consider the clarity and uniqueness of content. You should make up your mind on the most significant points that you are eager that your future audience will comprehend from your presentation. You should do all possible to articulate your essential ideas in a clear and coherent way.
  • Visual involvement, accessibility, and attractiveness. If you wish your future audience to pay attention and get interested in your poster, you should design the poster in a way that is as easy as ABC for the audience to understand each piece of information presented.
  • You should always take into account the public that will evaluate your poster presentation. For instance, if you attend a scientific conference in Astrophysics and prepare a science poster presentation, then it is clear that your public will be well knowledgeable about all the essential issues in this field of science and they will clearly comprehend all your concepts and ideas presented in your poster. In case your audience is not well familiar with the area of your research, you should devote some time to explaining key issues, terms, and problems that are under research or study in your field of science. Then your poster should be arranged in a simple, clear, and coherent way so that an ordinary person will be able to grasp your essential message presented in your poster. You should do your best to make your audience get interpreted in your project. Consider that in the majority of cases, people get an interest in those things that could have a certain, either positive or negative, impact on their life, career, or future in general. Then your poster should be calculated for people’s needs and expectations.
  • While working on your poster presentation, you should avoid overloading it with huge pieces of information, which may distract or make your audience feel bored or uninterested. You should make emphasize on the most important points so that people will be able to comprehend them in a distance.
  • The key goal of each poster is to explain to your audience the value of your study or research in the most understandable way. In order to realize this goal, you should define your key message, which the public should pay attention to, accept, comprehend, or believe.
  • If you are done with your essential message, then you should add some important details regarding your research or project. In order to help you in coping this, you should answer such questions as How? Why? and What? Your poster should comprise such pieces of information as research questions, key argument of your project, and some evidence to support your argument.
  • It is recommended to apply charts, graphs, tables, images, or figures to communicate your key message to the public easily and quickly.
  • You should always be ready that your audience could ask you diverse questions related to your research in order to clear all details of your project. Usually, people want to clear out what idea or concept motivated you to take up your research project, what real-world questions or issues influenced you, what contributions or discoveries you are going to make, etc.
  • When working on your poster, you should avoid using complex, long sentences as they are very difficult to understand, thus making your audience focusing on other posters and leaving yours without attention. Your poster wording should be straightforward, precise, and concise. You should avoid applying jargon, colloquial words, or complicated terminology.

Your poster presentation should include those elements:

  1. The most significant elements are: Title; Author(s); Institution Affiliation; Poster Presentation Abstract; Results; and Conclusion;
  2. Location of essential information: Introduction, Results / Findings / Outcomes, Summary;
  3. Placement of supporting information: Methodology (methods) and Discussion;
  4. Placement of supplemental pieces of information: References / Bibliographies / Works Cited, Acknowledgments.

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We accept the following options of payment; debit or credit cards, and direct bank transfers.

Our specialist will start working on your poster order once our financial department confirms that you have made a payment.

Our company will deliver your completed poster presentation to your valid email before the set deadline or just on time so that you have enough time to ask for free revisions (if necessary). Your writer will do all needed amendments or revise your poster free of charge because our company is regarded as the most reliable and trusted poster making company in the industry of online academic writing!

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