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Grant proposal Writing

A grant proposal is a document that is written by the person, who seeks money for implementing some project or idea. Such a document should be accurate, credible, and informative. Otherwise, funding won’t be granted. To create a perfect grant proposal, you need to plan it carefully, write it in accordance with the high writing standards, as well as structure it in a logical way. If you feel that you won’t be able to cope with this task successfully, you should just contact and ask for expert grant proposal writing help.


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What Is a Grant Proposal?

Basically, it is a request for investment. If you want to launch a specific project but you lack sufficient funding, you may address some governmental or private organization and ask for a grant. If your project seems interesting to Grantees and you manage to find the necessary arguments to convince them that you are able to do it, you will receive the money sought. However, you should understand that you are not the only applicant for a grant. Hundreds of other people present their ideas, which may turn more successful than yours. What to do in such a situation? Well, the best thing you can do is to present an impressive grant proposal that would emphasize the uniqueness and value of your project. If you look through the well-written grant proposals, you will see that such a document resembles a business plan since it should provide the reader with the overall description of your project, as well as the tools and instruments you are going to use to succeed with this project. If you want to get positive feedback, you need to pay attention to the right structure of your document. Below, you will find the main parts of a good grant proposal:

  • A title page. It includes the name of the author, subject, and date;
  • Proposal summary. It should briefly overview the paper and reflect on the project;
  • Introduction. It should present the mission of your project, as well as tell what role does it play in society;
  • Needs statement. This part should focus on the needs that will be addressed and include statistical data to ensure the relevance of your project;
  • Objectives. This part presents your goals and objectives;
  • Strategies. The strategies part focuses on the process of implementation of your project, as well as informs how you are going to overcome difficulties;
  • Personnel. In this part, you need to tell more about your team focusing on which duties every member of your team will perform;
  • Budget. In the budget part, you should explain how much will it cost to implement your idea into practice.

Writing a Grant Proposal: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now, let’s focus on the grant proposal writing steps mentioned above in detail:

  1. Proposal summary. This summary usually takes one-two paragraphs summarizing the main points of your project. To engage your reader from the first lines, your summary should be detailed and specific enough. As such, it is highly recommended to avoid generalizations and irrelevant details. Although a proposal summary is the first thing noticed by your reader, you should write it when the entire document is written;
  2. Introduction. An introductory paragraph is your chance to present your project to the audience. As such, you need to introduce your staff, present your business track record, focus on the company’s philosophy and goals, customers’ feedback, and other things that will help you present your project. Besides, you need to convince your audience that you have the ability to fulfill your promises, as well as to ensure safety to both your staff and grantees;
  3. Problem statement. A problem statement is the main purpose of your grant proposal. In this part, you should clearly state who would benefit from your project and in what way. Ideally, you need to analyze the previous solutions for the particular problem and explain why your solution is better than others;
  4. Project objectives. This part should focus on the anticipated result of your project and explain how you are going to measure your success. In other words, this part will provide your grantee with the information about what they will receive if they decide to invest in your project;
  5. Project design. In this part, you need to explain the project management tools that will help you succeed with your project. Also, you may emphasize the skills necessary for success, transport, and additional facilities that will help you keep a focus on the result;
  6. Project evaluation. This part of your grant proposal covers product evaluation, as well as includes the timeframes needed for the successful implementation of the project;
  7. Future funding. This section will tell your grantee about the funding requirements that go beyond the project, operational support, as well as the total cost of ownership of the ongoing maintenance;
  8. Project budget. In this part of your grant proposal, you should clearly state how much money you need for your project implementation. Ideally, you need to ask for the exact amount of money you ask for and explain why do you need it.

Following our helpful grant proposal writing tips and practices, you will be able to write an impressive grant proposal. However, pay attention that the importance of this project cannot be underestimated. Keep in mind that your future depends on this project, thus you need to do your best to make it look strong and impressive. If you think that you will be able to write a great document in the last night before the submission, you are mistaken. It may take a few weeks or even months to create an impressive grant proposal paper. You need to dedicate enough time to the planning, research, writing, and revising stages. If you feel that you are not capable of creating a great document, you should look for alternative solutions that will help you submit a marvelous paper without spending an enormous amount of time and effort on its writing. The best way to do it is to find a reliable writing provider and ask for professional grant proposal writing help.

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