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Writing a Custom College Book Review: Format and Requirements

Writing a book review is one of the most complicated tasks even for the most proficient student. A well-written custom book review is based on a thorough analysis of a certain book. Apart from the fact that you must read the entire book, you must also develop creative and authentic ideas about its contents, literacy devices, and so on. Therefore, if you find it difficult to produce a perfect college book review, follow our recommendations below.

To begin with, writing a perfect academic paper is impossible without following the fundamental rules of writing. First, be ready to read and reread the book you must review in your paper. Of course, you do not have to use the title of the book as the title of your paper. However, it is better to ask your professor how your review should be titled to avoid any penalties or grade losses. Besides, it may happen that your professor will ask you to read some short book, so that you do not waste your whole week or month on reading.

It is common college students to write a review of a book they really love. It is equally common among students to review the most popular, heartbreaking books. Still, no matter what book you select, you will need to know how to write a college book review. Moreover, even if your book is too long, be ready to read it completely. Do not miss an opportunity to make notes while, reading the book. This way, you will be able to revisit the key points of the plot and use it to support your position in your paper. Whenever you follow these requirements, the whole process of writing a book review will be much easier for you.

How to write a college book review

Well, first of all you need to do some research. It is never too late to see what other critics say about the book you have chosen for your custom book review. It is also possible that these opinions will support your position in the book review you are going to write. In any case, using external opinions is a good way to strengthen your thesis and viewpoint on the book you are reviewing. In addition, it is not enough to review the contents of the book. You must be ready to analyze and critique the literary devices you find in the book and how they relate to its plot. Create a general picture of the book in ways that are understandable to your readers.

custom college book review

Target Audience

Speaking about the book review format for college, you will have to consider both the requirements provided by your professor and the audience you target. Are you reviewing the book for your fellow students or the members of your faculty? What matters is the level of experience and the amount of education members of your target audience have. You will have to decide how to achieve an optimal balance of quality and contents in your custom book review, but you will not be able to do it without knowing who is going to read and listen to your book presentation. For example, if you are working in a biology class, including some scientific details could be interesting. However, if you want to popularize scientific books among ordinary readers, it is better to avoid sophisticated terms and references.

This is why it is vital that you take into account the needs and expectations of your target audience. You will know what you should or should not include in your paper. In other words, you will be better positioned to make your custom book review an excellent example of effective academic writing!

Details to Consider

You will have to spend some time learning how to produce a noteworthy book review for your target audience. One of the main things to remember is that your custom book review should be properly structured. Begin with the name of the author and the title of the book. Follow this brief introduction with a thorough review of the plot. Make sure that you also familiarize your readers with the central idea or key message of the book. This way you will be able to engage your readers.
Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence. Then you should expand upon the key idea presented in this sentence. Include interesting facts about the book or its author. Try to make the story engaging and colorful for your readers. Imagine that you want your audience to fall in love with the book, what would you do? Follow your heart, but do not forget that you will have to preserve the basic structure of your paper.


Your college book review should begin with an introduction. This is where you include the essential information about your book. You must provide your readers with a basic understanding of what the book is about. Finally, in the last sentence of the introduction you must include a thoroughly developed thesis statement, which will highlight your position and present the key point of your review. For example, you may say that in Shakespeare’s Hamlet the story unfolds to uncover the most dangerous vices of a human being. Then you will expand on this thesis in the body of your book review.
Do not forget that you must follow the required format for your book review. Formatting is one of the most challenging aspects in writing book reviews. This is why so many students do not know how to write a college book review. Your thesis should be interesting and debatable. You have to consider both the plot and the writing style used by the author to convey the main message of the book. In writing a custom book review, you are not simply a reporter. You are an interpreter in a sense that you must interpret the meaning of the book and persuade your readers that they should read the book from its beginning until its end. Do not underestimate the importance of theories and concepts, if they can help explain the meaning of your book review. For example, if you are writing about nursing, speak about compassion, justice, and patient autonomy as related to the plot of your story.

Reading the Book

It is out of the question that you cannot write a perfect custom book review until you read the entire book. You must know what the book is about, what the most important parts of it are, and how they come together to create a remarkable plot. So, when you are done with the introduction for your review, you can move to writing the body of your paper. This is where you can enjoy the freedom of custom book review writing without any limits. Discuss the plot in detail. Who are the characters? What are their main features? What makes them unique or distinguishes them from others? How do they contribute to the plot of the story? If you are going to review a journal article, consider its main elements, from the introduction to the methodology and discussion. This will become your basis for delivering an excellent book review to your target audience.

how to write a college book review

Choosing a Topic

Many students find it problematic to define the key theme or topic of the book they are going to review. Many others fail to identify the key points of the plot and the literary devices that make these points prominent. Apparently, even if you spend your whole week reading the same book, you will not necessarily understand its meaning. This is where somebody else’s critique could be helpful. See what other critics have to say and use this information to understand the book of your choice.

Your Emotions Matter

As you are reading some phenomenal book, you suddenly realize that it makes you feel better or worse about the world you see every day. You want to express these feelings. You want to give way to your emotions and let them out. A custom book review is unique in the sense that it gives you an opportunity to express your feelings within limits imposed by the standards of academic writing. You may speak of the plot and how it makes you feel. However, you may also discuss your exhilaration or disappointment with the way the author uses literary devices to achieve the desired result or affect his or her audience. Your task now is to understand what you feel, since you will have to articulate these feelings to your readers. Try to relate these feelings to one or several themes identified in the book. Use your feelings and evidence from the book to critique the author and his decisions when making up the plot. You will enjoy the whole process much more if you do not ignore the way you feel about the book and its main characters.

In case you use a non-fiction book, you may want to review its structure based on the themes and subheadings you find in it. For example, if it is some business book, see what topics the author chooses to discuss with his or her readers. You understand that the field of business is too broad, and it is possible that dozens of different topics will be discussed to create a complete picture of business thinking for the reader. By reviewing the themes and topics, you will develop a better understanding of the goals the authors sought to achieve when they were writing their book. In this review, you will be able to discuss each section or subheading briefly to avoid any confusion among your readers. You may want to follow an identical or similar approach when writing a custom book review for any other non-fiction book in any other field.

A popular concern among students is how to write a college book review for a book that does not have
any plot and does not even have any major theme. For instance, how do you write a custom book review for an encyclopedia of your choice? Well, the whole task becomes complicated but not as much as to make it impossible. What you need to do is evaluating the significance of the book for your target audience. For example, if you are talking of some nursing encyclopedia, what value does it carry for nursing students or faculty members? The answer to this question will become the starting point in developing a cohesive argument for your book review.

What Message the Author Wants to Convey

Now you have moved to the point when all key topics and themes of the selected book have been thoroughly discussed. This is the time when you should evaluate the literary devices used by the author to meet the goals of writing. Your task is to prove or criticize the extent to which the selected literary devices fit in the purpose and intent of the book. You must be critical as to whether the author has been detailed and comprehensive enough in describing major characters, the setting, the plot, certain events, and so on. For example, how thorough has Tim O’Brien been in the analysis of personal relationships in The Things They Carried? This is the question you may want to answer in your book review. Make sure you use enough evidence to support your position and create a convincing argument.

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An excellent book review is impossible without a well-developed conclusion. In your conclusion revisit and summarize the key points of your college book review. Finalize the argument and offer questions for further discussion. Try to evaluate the effects the book may have on your target audience or recommend how useful it could be for anyone who decides to read the book from the beginning to its end.
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