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Have you ever been told by your professor to proofread your work? You surely have. But do you know what proofreading is? You may find it difficult to believe, but many students turn out not to really know what proofreading entails. So, are you sure you actually know what proofreading is and you do not confuse it with editing? Because if you have doubts, just tell us “proofread my essay,” and you will have your paper proofread by our writing experts.


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Okay, you may know that proofreading presupposes comparatively minor adjustments of a text and that it differs from editing. But this knowledge is somewhat superficial and not enough to properly proofread a paper. So, if you want to get a deep insight into the essence of proofreading, read a more detailed explanation below.

In simple words, proofreading is the last stage of editing, in the process of which a proofreader checks a paper for mistakes in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and formatting and corrects them. After proofreading, a piece of writing is supposed to be absolutely ready for submitting, publishing, etc.

Traditional proofreading: What does it entail?

Interestingly, proofreading may mean different processes in different spheres of activity, which only adds to the general confusion and misunderstanding around this word. For instance, a specialist in the publishing field will give you a different definition of this word than a professor at a college.

Like in its general meaning, proofreading is also defined by those who work in the publishing industry as the very last stage of editing prior to printing and publishing of some work. However, the difference lies in what exactly these proofreaders mean by ‘the last stage.’ So, at this stage, the comparison of ‘proofs’ and the edited copy takes place. A proof here means the already printed version of the work that has headers, page numbers, and all other formatting elements that have to be incorporated in the final work. This comparison is important because it helps one to see mistakes that can be made in the process of printing. Well, this is not quite an explanation you would expect, right?

So does proofreading not mean correcting grammar and spelling errors?

A confusing thing here is that proofreading has got a definition that significantly distinguishes it from the initial role it has been assigned in the publishing industry.

Mostly, people understand by proofreading the process of correcting mistakes in grammar, formatting, and/or typography. The common ground here is that proofreading always means the final stage before a piece of writing is published, submitted to a professor or as some application, or in any other way shared with the target audience.

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How to Proofread an Essay

As has been earlier indicated, proofreading is the final stage, so it should come after editing that includes making the content perfectly organized, easy to follow and comprehend, and overall well-written. At the stage of editing, errors also can be corrected, but its main focus should be ensuring that the whole text makes sense.

In its turn, proofreading involves correcting mistakes that were overlooked or appeared at the stage of editing. After the proofreader is done with work, it should be completely free from any grammatical, typographical, and formatting mistakes. One more proofreader’s responsibility is to check if the work follows the specific style guide.

In contrast to proofreaders working in the publishing sphere, ordinary proofreaders may have an unlimited number of revisions to improve the piece since the work does not presuppose any additional proofreading cost for correcting more mistakes. Nevertheless, a proofreader may request additional editing in case he or she believes that a significant part of the text still needs major changes.

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Is there a Website that Can Proofread My Essay?

You might be wondering, “What is the best proofreading service for students?” Hands down, is the answer. There are so many reasons why a professional proofreading service can be regarded as absolutely reliable.

The Team of Editors. When you hire a professional editor and college proofreader to proofread an essay online, you will be partnered up with an expert who knows exactly what a good essay should look like. Their English proofreading service is simply impeccable. They hold advanced degrees and come from various academic backgrounds.

Affordability. If you need essay proofreader help, you surely want it to be affordable. A college essay proofreading service should be accurate and reliable, but it should never cost a student more than they are capable of paying. A professional college essay proofreader at will correct a paper for a reasonable price, and you will be satisfied because they make your essay better. If you ask us, “proofread my college essay,” our experts will provide a top-quality essay proofreading service, and you will never pay a cent more than the stated price for a college essay. Plus, if you become our regular customer, you will save even more money thanks to our customer loyalty discount program.

Deadlines Are Always Met. Our writers always meet deadlines, so you do not have to worry if your writer is experienced enough to manage his/her time and be on time with your paper. Punctuality is the quality that we highly value in our writers, so you can be sure that you will get your essay paper proofread within your set deadline, so go ahead and tell us, “proofread my paper” right now.


Reasons Why Using Our Fast Proofreading Service is the Perfect Solution

  • Reason â„– 1. Even a great paper can always be improved.
    Even if you are a pretty good writer, experts at can really take your essay to the next level. They will find ways to express concepts in a clearer way and remove sentences that do not belong.
  • Reason â„– 2. Better academic performance.
    Our college essay proofreading really makes a difference. The way you express your ideas may not always be clear for a reader, particularly for a professor. If a professor does not understand some point, it will affect your grade. If you hire an expert proofreader online, he/she will be able to look at it with fresh eyes and find a way to make it easier to comprehend the paper and, eventually, improve your academic performance.
  • Reason â„– 3. Lack of time.
    Sometimes, you may be too lazy to proofread your paper or simply have no time for that. In such cases, it is easier to entrust your paper to us by asking “can somebody proofread my essay paper?”
  • Reason â„–4. English is not your native language.
    Foreign students who study in the US or UK face a couple of huge disadvantages: not only must they have strong essay-writing skills, they are being compared to their native English-speaking classmates. The experts at our service regularly proofread college essays for students from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, China, South Korea, Russia, and every other corner of the globe. A lot of students use online translators in order to convey their message, but the text almost always gets lost in translation since English syntax and grammar structure can be completely different from your native language. With online essay proofreading, your expert editor will be able to clean up your writing and improve your grade.
  • Reason â„–5. You have difficulties with citations and formats.
    There a number of different formatting styles, and it is really difficult to know them all since even APA or MLA has numerous nuances, and it is next to impossible to remember them all. Thus, if you are unsure if you correctly followed the specific style, let professionals do the job. All you need to do is to tell us “proofread my essay.”
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Ordering Superior Proofreading Service Online is Easy

If you have asked yourself, “Who can proofread my work?” you should know that offers perfect solutions. Now you are probably wondering, “How can you help?” The process of ordering professional and quality editing is quick and convenient. You can contact their customer care agents 24/7 whenever you need assistance!

They are friendly and knowledgeable and are sure to set you on the right path! Here are the steps to getting a perfectly polished paper when you plead, “Please proofread my essay!”

Ordering Superior Proofreading Service

  1. Click “Order Now” on the website. Indicate that you would like to use their editing/proofreading services. Specify your academic level, the length of your paper, your formatting guidelines, and when you would like the expert to finish editing.
  2. Make a secure payment. accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, so you will never have to worry about anybody stealing your information. We never keep bank account or credit card information on file, so you can feel confident with every transaction.
  3. An editor gets started on proofreading and revising your paper. One of the comfortable features we offer is the ability to communicate directly with your professional editor. In particular, you are able to track the progress of the editing process and can provide your helper with clarification. The end result is that your edited paper looks like a million dollars, even though you only pay a few bucks for it!
  4. The edited paper becomes available for download. Once your editor has finished, you will receive an email notification informing you that the order is complete. You simply need to log into your account and download it straight from there. Sometimes you also can contact a customer service agent and ask them to email a copy to you. They always respond promptly and send it out!

Always Expect Quality Editing from the Experts at

If you work hard on writing your academic assignments, it sure is nice to have somebody to proofread your paper online. Our experts never overlook the details. They will provide a fresh perspective and make your essay look much better. In fact, after the professional editors carefully proofread your essay for college and add a few ideas, you will be always satisfied with their work. So, do not waste your time and order a team of essay proofreaders online to help you succeed with your academic writing!