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If you are going to take a course in law, you should be ready for tons of reading and writing assignments. Being very engaging, this course is also very challenging and intellectually exhausting. The main assignment you will need to complete at the law course is a case brief. It is one of the common instruments that aims to check the student’s awareness of laws, as well as their writing, research, and analytical skills. If you experience any difficulties with completing your tasks, you should rely on our case brief writing service. Our writing platform is a trustworthy provider of custom case brief writing assistance to students worldwide. Trying cooperation with our company, you will never look for others!


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What Is a Case Brief?

A case brief is an academic assignment that is a classic tool for studying law. In a nutshell, a case brief aims to analyze a specific legal case with the help of the relevant rules of law that can be applied in the particular procedural order. Writing a case brief is useful for students, who are planning to build a career in law since it allows practicing with real cases and expand knowledge of existing laws.

Case Brief Purpose

Such a paper can be written for different purposes. Below, you will find the main ones:

  • For the law class. If you are a law student, you cannot avoid case brief writing. To evaluate your case brief with a good grade, your professor wants you to investigate a particular legal case from different perspectives and present its detailed overview. When working on this assignment, you will need to pick up the most important information about the case and combine it with the information you have studied in the class. As such, your task is to convince your tutor that you understand the essentials of the legal process;
  • For the legal document writing. You should know that a legal case brief is not only a class assignment but it can be a credible source of information in research;
  • For outlining. Case brief writing is a backbone for more professional writing. Being able to write case briefs, the individual will not experience any difficulties with more sophisticated academic projects. By practicing in legal case brief writing, one will find it easier to integrate this information in other legal documents, which is particularly helpful for career advancement.

Case Brief Structure

Writing a good case brief is impossible without the proper understanding of its structure. If you want to boost your writing skills, you need to have a look at the classic structure of the legal case brief:

  • Title of the case. When it comes to writing a case brief, a title should provide the reader with the names of parties involved in the process;
  • Relevant facts. Next, you need to inform your reader about the most important facts related to the case. Pay attention that all facts you include in this section should be appropriate;
  • Issues. After providing the reader with the relevant facts, you need to mention the issues that need to be set aside for further discussion;
  • Contentions. Each contention introduced by parties should be listed in order to prove the legal case. Your task is to collect corresponding contentions put forwards by the parties;
  • Decisions. In this part, you need to include court explanations, as well as details about the case facts;
  • Concurring opinion. If the opinion of the majority is different from the judge’s opinion, you need to record it;
  • Law points. All the legal points brought forward in the case should be listed;
  • Conclusion. In the concluding part, you need to state the case significance, explain how it is related to other cases, evaluate the court’s decision, etc.

Free Case Brief Examples

How to Write a Case Brief? A Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to succeed in case brief writing, you need to check out the main steps that should be taken in order to create an outstanding piece:

  1. Collect the most important information about the case. This information will help you build your argumentation and support;
  2. Record the most significant facts and evidence that will be useful in case brief presentation. Pay close attention to the numbers, statistics, judgments, etc.;
  3. Identify the key issues of the legal case and put them in the question form;
  4. Take enough time to build ample reasoning for your case brief. Your paper should include a concise description of why the court has made a particular decision;
  5. Jot down any questions related to your case brief. These questions will be particularly helpful when you will have class discussions;
    Edit your case brief thoroughly because mechanical mistakes undermine its quality.

We do hope that our tips will help you succeed with writing case briefs. If you are studying law, you should understand the importance of the successful completion of your task. To bring you a good grade, your paper should be well-written and properly structured. If you feel that you will not be able to write an impeccable document, do not waste your time and get in touch with our reputed case brief writing service. Our company is a trusted writing companion for students worldwide. No topic would be too difficult to complete for our professionals. So, if you do not know how to do a case brief and look for expert assistance with its writing, welcome to our writing platform. We will never let you down!

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Case Brief Writing Service

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How to Order a Case Brief

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