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Dissertation Discussion Chapter

How to Compose a Brilliant Dissertation Discussion Chapter

Graduate research incorporates a series of sections, one of which is a dissertation discussion chapter. The key function of the latter is to summarize all the research findings as well as to give an explanation of the manner those findings either approve or contradict the accepted theories.


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The Mission of a Discussion Chapter

It is a problem for an average student to find the right approach to a discussion part of the research. Nevertheless, it is crucial to be careful with the requirements to this particular section and to pay close attention to the instructions on how to make it effective. It can be referred to as one of the most meaningful sections of the research as the readers rely on its content to know about the vision the author has and the value of the implemented work. We have prepared a brief article on the main standards of writing a dissertation discussion section and the required information to be included in it.

The objectives of this section are as follows:

  • ensure evaluation of the obtained results and interpret them
  • respond to the asked research question
  • provide justification of the selected methodology and approach to the problem
  • pay close attention to the value of the study

Structure and Aims of the Discussion Chapter

The main purpose of the part devoted to discussion is to ensure the evaluation of the obtained results and interpret them along with the analysis of their role in responding to the research question or justifying the suggested hypothesis. Moreover, the author strives for explaining how the approach he or she has chosen is related to the section of the literature review. Working on the main argument, it is recommendable to lay an emphasis on the explanations of the meaning the findings have as well as their value and potential contribution to the success of the whole paper. You should also add the information on the approaches you consider right for practical application of the approach and further analysis.

Working on the dissertation discussion chapter, you should remember that it is always directly related to the introductory part as it is connected to the formulated hypothesis or research question as well as the reviewed literature. You have already touched upon this question in the first part of the dissertation; however, the same cannot be repeated here. Your main task is to give a clear explanation of the contribution your study makes to the insight your target audience can have in the studied problem after the review of the available literature in the field.

The mentioned chapter can be written in different manners. Moreover, there is no universal structure for the information to be included here. Different study areas have different requirements, but it should typically cover the following aspects:

  • summarized main findings;
  • discussion of the obtained findings;
  • restrictions and weak points of the research study;
  • main implications for practical use of the study;
  • guidelines and advice related to further studies in the field;
  • conclusions
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Valuable Guidelines: Dissertation Discussion Help for Everybody

  1. Interpret the data clearly

    The readers have to know that the figures mentioned throughout the paper are meaningful. Give the explanations and be simple in your manner of presenting facts. Fancy communicating with a person, who has no slightest idea about the subject of your discussion and help him understand your point of view. The purpose of the dissertation introduction and the literature review are similar: you want the readers to get an understanding the matter you have chosen for your research. They have already read about the results, but they are still unaware how important they are. Your task is to help them figure out what the results mean. Being too formal will only spoil the effect. This chapter should not be excessively sophisticated as your aim is to explain, not to confuse.

  2. Pay attention to the practical implications

    The findings you have obtained can be very interesting, but your main task now is to explain how they can be applied in practice. Will there be any benefit for the researchers or academic experts? Will average people understand that something will change for them owing to your study?

  3. Explain the restrictions

    Your research study as well as the others is not final. There are limitations for every finding as its origin is in the environment and sample of a controlled type. You have to mention all the restrictions and give your view of how those limitations can be addressed in the course of further research.

  4. Make sure that the length of the dissertation discussion is right

    Having read a lot about how to write a discussion in dissertation, you have started with an outline. Nevertheless, when you started actual research and writing, you see that you can collect so many facts that your paper gets longer and longer. It is great that you enjoy the process, but your readers will not waste their time on looking through an endless piece of academic writing. Do not use any filler. Although there is no exact word count limit for your writing, you should realize that sticking to the valid facts and giving clear explanations is effective if it is concise, not wordy.

    Items to be excluded from the discussion section:

    • Information with no relation to the previous dissertation parts;
    • New facts, mentioned here for the first time;
    • Irrelevant conclusions without a clear connection to the obtained study results.

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