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Do you need help with short answer questions paper? Do you feel frustrated as you are urgently looking for online writing assistance and support? Do you constantly have annoying thoughts in your head: “How to successfully write my short answer questions for college and get the highest score?” or “Can anyone do my short answer questions in an exceptional way?”

Are you so desperate that you are ready to seek for professional help with your short answer questions assignment? Don you need the premium academic writing service, which is specializing in high school, university and college short answer questions writing? Well, you have come to the right place.

But before you actually ask us to help you with your paper, let us try to understand what writing short answer questions paper means. Maybe it will turn out that this task is not that difficult to complete without our professional help.

Short answer questions are a series of open-ended questions to answer which, you need to be both brief and comprehensive. Such assignment is often used as a part of exams since short answers are perfect for examiners to understand students’ basic knowledge and cognitive level. Usually, short questions precede a couple of more specific questions demanding considerably more substantial answers.

The Main Types of Short Answer Questions

The following are the main types of short answer questions. If you know how they look like and what kind of answer each of them requires, you will have higher chances of succeeding in answering them. Always pay attention to the format and the kind of answer each question demands.

  1. Definition questions.

    As you could guess, to answer such questions, you have to provide a definition of a specific concept.

  2. Explanation questions.

    As you could guess, to answer such questions, you have to provide a definition of a specific concept.

  3. Example questions.

    To answer an example question, you just need to provide a concrete example of a specific phenomenon.

  4. Relationship questions.

    Answering this type of question requires you to explain in what way two or more concepts or some objects interrelate. Relationship questions can be really puzzling sometimes since you need to identify the type of specific relationship, which may be tricky.

  5. Calculation questions.

    To answer such questions, you need to solve a problem that presupposes some calculations depending on the task.

  6. Graphing questions.

    Answering graphing questions requires you to create a graph or diagram to show the relationship between some values.

How to Write a Short Answer Question

We have prepared for you a few tips on how to write a short answer question. We hope you will find them useful. If you are confused and still ask yourself ‘what is short answer format?’ or ‘How long should a short answer be?’ then simply remember that such questions normally require a short answer from a few words to a paragraph or two. So, the basic rule that should prepare you for short answer questions is that when you study for such exam, you should pay specific attention to specific facts, names, terms, similarity/difference relationships of various notions, and theories/concepts with examples to substantiate your answer. Also, always follow the specific word count requirement for each question since even one word over the limit will cost you some points. A few other recommendations are:

  • Try to plan what you are going to say in a specific answer before you begin writing.
  • Try to be as concise as possible. Do not rewrite questions and do not provide any information (even if it is relevant to the topic) if the question does not asks you to. Extra points will not be given for such information.
  • Do not spend too much time on the answer you are not sure you know. You can go back to it after you finish all the questions you know how to answer.

The Difference between Short Answer and Long Answer Questions

Some students may not be sure they know the difference between short answer questions and long answer questions, also known as short essay questions. Even though these two types of assignments are similar in some aspects, they still have significant differences. So, here are these differences:


Short answer: A professor with a high level of information.

Long answer: Anybody, even if he or she is not a specialist in the topic.

Level of knowledge

Short answer: The examiner is an expert in the respective field. He or she checks the knowledge of a student in line with a particular standard.

Long answer: The examiner may not necessarily be an expert in the topic that is addressed.


Short answer: Can be as short as a couple of words, but usually not longer than a couple of sentences.

Long answer: Since it is supposed to be a short essay, the length can vary from 250-300 to 600-700 words. However, sometimes such answers can be even longer.


Short answer: A rather narrow answer based mostly on facts (usually these can be found in the assigned readings).

Long answer: The answer revolves around one particular topic or problem, but here, a student is not limited to the assigned readings and can utilize a number of different sources.

Answer format

Short answer: A couple of words or sentences. In rare cases, the answer can have up to two-three brief paragraphs.

Long answer: Since such answer has a format of an essay, it should consist of minimum three paragraphs (introduction, conclusion, and body paragraph). There may be up to eight body paragraphs.

How to Get Questions-Answers Help

IIf you made up your mind to order a short answer questions paper from our online supreme custom and academic writing company, then you should simply do the following:

How to Order Short Answer Questions

  1. Go to and create your personal account. The process is very quick and easy and requires you to provide solely the information that will be needed for our cooperation. Next, choose the type of paper you want us to complete for you and simply click ‘Order.’
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  3. Pay for your order and then simply wait for our expert writer to complete it.

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