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Great College Essay Writing Topics with Answers

best quality writing paper is an online writing company that specializes in academic writing of all types.
We understand that students are unable to cover professor’s instructions to the largest extent. Students have to compose different types of essays, research papers, lab reports, theses, etc. Moreover, one of a common assessment type is providing answers to specific questions. Sometimes teachers simply assign a list of questions and provide word count limits for their answers. Students have to carry out a deep research to find out answers to all questions. As a result, much time is wasted and they have no other choice than complete all other assignments in a rush. We offer you to read essay writing topics with answers that will show you how to deal with similar assignments. We will provide some brief definitions of terms for you to know what is required or a particular assignment.

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What Does Analysis Presume

If you do not know how to write essay question answers, a proper analysis should take place. You should investigate the purpose of writing an assignment and divide the question into several parts.

What Is Comparison

You will have to select two items, products, services, people, notions, etc. and compare them. Your task is to identify similarities only. Moreover, you may be asked to provide your own interpretation of how significant similarities are.

What is Commenting

The primary task is to find out possible issues or problems relating to the research question. In many cases, professors ask to provide your own reaction to the issue. However, you should not only show your own opinion but also support it with relevant evidence.

college essay writing topics with answers

What Does Contrasting Imply

You should also select two products, but now your task is to find their differences. Do not confuse contrasting with comparing. You should highlight major and minor differences between products and provide your own conclusion about the essence of such differences. Students are asked to write contrasting essays to improve their writing capabilities.

What Does Critical Analysis Include

Your task is to work closely with the research question. You should critically evaluate all evidence and define weaknesses and strengths of research ideas. Therefore, you should carry out a deep research and explore your topic from multiple perspectives.

What Is Description Writing

Your teacher may either assign you a topic or allow you to do it on your own. You will have to focus on one specific item and describe its peculiarities and characteristics by focusing even on small details that are worth considering.

What Is Definition Writing

Find several definitions of the notion and discuss them in your paper. Choose the one that appeals much to you. Moreover, you can provide your own definition of the term.

How to Work on Discussion Writing

You should be an active participant of discussion or debate. Therefore, you should present your own opinions for or against possible solutions. Discuss possible implications of the issue.

How to Distinguish between Items

You have to focus on differences and analyze them.

How to Work on Evaluation Writing

Carefully read the topic and assess it from different perspectives. You should focus on significance and importance of your arguments. Always use back up ideas taken from outside sources.

What Is Examination

Investigate an issue to its depth. Present your findings in a logical manner.

How to Compose Explanation Paper

In our rubric called “essay writing topics in English with answers,” you can find some examples of explanation writing. You will have to explain and interpret the statement.

What Is Exploration Writing

You should explore the topic from multiple angles.

What Is Illustration Writing

You should illustrate your point in a clear manner. Imagine that your reader knows nothing about the topic. Thus, your task is to get the message across.

how to write essay question answers

What Is Narration

Describe an event from your life by using descriptive adjectives.

How to Show an Extent of Something

Read the research question and state if it sounds realistically or not. Identify what contributes to the result.

What Does Justification Mean

You should take one side of the issue and prove that it is a valid one. You should justify your position by presenting effective evidence.

What Is Tracing

It is similar to “writing process” because you should focus on one specific even and trace its development and evolution. Be ready to include some historical facts, which should be properly cited in the paper.

How to Interpret Facts

You should brainstorm your own interpretations relating to the essay questions. You should demonstrate your ability to analyze a topic based on your objective judgment.

How to Deal with Outlining

Create a small sketch of the future paper. It is similar to composing a plan. Be sure to provide the key points of discussion. You should not provide any examples in this short piece of writing. Our essay writing topics with answers can show you that there should be a brief discussion under each point.

How to Create a Summary

You should read carefully a book, journal, article, etc. and make notes about the primary points of discussion. Focus on the most significant details only.

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