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How long can it take to find a suitable writer?

Once your order appears in the system, we start looking for an appropriate expert. Usually, it takes from a few minutes to a couple of hours to find one. At times, this process may be longer depending on the writer`s availability, assignment complexity or urgency selected.

Can I add more pages to the order that was completed?

Yes, you can place an additional order notifying us that it is related to the one that was already completed. This option is available in the My Orders section of your account. Also, you are free to ask our support managers to help you and they will gladly provide you with the necessary assistance.

Do you guarantee that my paper will be plagiarism-free?

Yes, our company ensures the highest levels of authenticity of all papers it provides. Each paper will be assigned to a professional writer, who will write it from scratch according to your instructions. Therefore, you can be sure that your paper will pass any plagiarism check. Additionally, you will be able to check your paper through We don`t check our papers through Turnitin as it saves all the previously checked assignments.

Who will be working on my paper?

We managed to gather a team of seasoned experts specializing in diverse academic disciplines. Buying your paper at our writing service, you can be sure that it will be written by a skilled writer with a sufficient background in your topic.

Where is my paper uploaded?

When the deadline expires, you will find your paper in the personal account in the Completed Orders section.

I have some problems with placing the order. What am I doing wrong?

If the website does not allow you to place an order, you need to double-check if all the fields are filled incorrectly. If yes, then you must be uploading too big files. In this case, you need to submit the order form without the files and send them through e-mail to our support managers. They will either attach your files to the system or send them directly to your writer.

When will I receive my paper?

Your paper will be delivered to you within the deadline allocated. You should know that the countdown is started when the order is placed and verified. When selecting the urgency, you need to consider that your paper will be available to you right after the deadline expiration (if you choose a 1-day urgency, the paper will be available to you in 24 hours).

How can I know that my order is assigned?

Such details are visible in your account. The status “Payment verification” means that the payment did not go through yet and you will need to pay for your order to verify it. If you see that your order has the status “Processing,” it means that the writing expert is already found and working on your order. In case the order has the status “Sent/Completed,” it means that you are free to download it from the system.

How will I receive notifications?

Whenever some actions or changes take place in your account, you will be notified about that via SMS, system messages, or phone calls.