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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Paper Writing Service

I liked cooperation with the writer who worked on my previous order. The main benefits were his/her writing style, creativity, attention to details, and my resultant high grade. Can I request the same expert for my further projects?

Indeed. The cooperation with the same expert makes him or her your Preferred Writer. When placing a new order on our website, find your Preferred Writer’s ID and add this person to your pending order. It helps to save some time, as our team does not have to search for the ultimate specialist for your needs. Despite the fact that the writer is found instantly, such cooperation costs 15% more than usual. It guarantees the priority of your order, as well as over-the-top responsibility of your expert for the project’s supreme quality.

What steps should I take if my payment for the order repeatedly fails?

It is not our company’s responsibility to process our customers’ payments internally, as we cannot delve into the system of each bank. Hence, it is better to resolve all the transaction errors directly with the bank that issued your card. Another problem may be in the wrongly chosen browser, which hinders such payments.

Do you work on the weekends?

Yes, our teams of writers, editors, and support agents work in shifts, so it is always possible to find the required professionals around the clock.

Do you send special order-related notifications?

Yes, each client receives automatic emails regarding their orders. Notifications are related to any modifications of your order particularities, actions, which should be taken, along with the significant updates. Besides email notifications, you can request additional SMS to track your order progress even without the Internet.

How can you guarantee my confidentiality as your customer?

Our company could not have been trustworthy for so many clients around the globe if we did not stick to a firm and unbreakable Privacy Policy. All the data about our customers are kept confidential. What is more, you will not know the real name and gender of your writer and the other way round.

What are the distinctive statuses my order may get within your system?

There are several order statuses, which are changed in accordance with specific actions taken or even small impediments, which suddenly emerged. For instance, if you tried to pay for your order, but you still see “Payment Verification” status, it implies that something was wrong with your transaction. Click on the button “Pay now”, and if it still does not work, address your bank or send us the receipt if your money has been withdrawn. In contrast, the “Processing” status means that your transaction has been successful and your personalized writer began working on your project.

The last order status you may see is “Sent/Completed”, which means that the final version has been uploaded into our system.

Do your writing professionals complete exams/tests?

Yes, our assistance is not limited to essay writing. Our academic experts can pass exams and complete multiple-choice tests, even online. There is an option on our website called “Online Exam”. When choosing such an order type please carefully fill in all the details regarding the upcoming exam. It is highly responsible to take online exams when you do not have many attempts to correct your mistakes. Thus, do your best to attach all the subject-related material, books, and scholarly articles, so that your potential exam taker will become fully prepared. Check twice whether you indicated the time and date of the online test, as well as the test’s duration. It is no less important to specify a correct time zone. The assigned specialist needs some time to learn the material and prepare for the exam meticulously. When the day of the test comes, your expert will log into the necessary academic platform to pass your test. Although such a task is extremely demanding, our pros cope with online exams spectacularly!

Can I request a revision of my paper, as I noticed certain drawbacks/inconsistencies?

Yes, a revision can be requested at any time. However, if you send this request within 48 hours after the order completion, it will be free of charge. You can send your revision request directly to your specialist who was responsible for your order. The steps are easy: open “My orders”, then “Fulfilled orders”, choose the required completed assignment, and choose the option “Request revision”.
You have to create particular instructions for your revision order, as well as choose the optimal deadline. The writer will be immediately notified of your revision request.

Can I discuss my assignment with the writer working on my order?

Yes, you are free to stay in touch with your writer with the help of our convenient message system. If you have an urgent concern, don`t hesitate to contact our support managers via phone or Live Chat.

I cannot upload all the necessary files related to my order instructions. What might have caused such a problem?

Check the size of your attachments. Sometimes, our website cannot accept big files. You cannot submit your order because of specific size limitations. However, it is still possible to share any large order-related files via email or reliable file sharing websites.

I cannot submit the order form after I filled it in. There seems to be an error on this page.

It may be a temporary technical issue. Please get in touch with us via Live Chat or our company’s email.

Do you guarantee any grades? How can I be sure that you will provide me with a high-quality paper?

Although we cannot guarantee any grades for obvious reasons, we ensure the premium quality of writing services. To fulfill our quality guarantees, we employ only the Ph.D. and Master`s degree writers having advanced writing experience, as well as exceptional writing skills. If you want to be sure that the quality of papers we provide is brilliant, feel free to have a look at some samples created by our writers that are available on our website.

What assignment type should I choose if I cannot find an appropriate one on your list?

In this case, you will need to send a part of your instructions to our support managers via e-mail or Live Chat and they will suggest what assignment type matches your requirements best of all.

I have chosen the wrong deadline. Is it possible to shorten it somehow?

The deadline of your order can be changed if you place a price difference between the urgency you have selected initially and the one that is needed. Feel free to check the amount of compensation with our support managers and they will help you place an order.

How long can it take to find a suitable writer?

Once your order appears in the system, we start looking for an appropriate expert. Usually, it takes from a few minutes to a couple of hours to find one. At times, this process may be longer depending on the writer`s availability, assignment complexity or urgency selected.

Can I add more pages to the order that was completed?

Yes, you can place an additional order notifying us that it is related to the one that was already completed. This option is available in the My Orders section of your account. Also, you are free to ask our support managers to help you and they will gladly provide you with the necessary assistance.

Do you guarantee that my paper will be plagiarism-free?

Yes, our company ensures the highest levels of authenticity of all papers it provides. Each paper will be assigned to a professional writer, who will write it from scratch according to your instructions. Therefore, you can be sure that your paper will pass any plagiarism check. Additionally, you will be able to check your paper through We don`t check our papers through Turnitin as it saves all the previously checked assignments.

Who will be working on my paper?

We managed to gather a team of seasoned experts specializing in diverse academic disciplines. Buying your paper at our writing service, you can be sure that it will be written by a skilled writer with a sufficient background in your topic.

Where is my paper uploaded?

When the deadline expires, you will find your paper in the personal account in the Completed Orders section.

I have some problems with placing the order. What am I doing wrong?

If the website does not allow you to place an order, you need to double-check if all the fields are filled incorrectly. If yes, then you must be uploading too big files. In this case, you need to submit the order form without the files and send them through e-mail to our support managers. They will either attach your files to the system or send them directly to your writer.

When will I receive my paper?

Your paper will be delivered to you within the deadline allocated. You should know that the countdown is started when the order is placed and verified. When selecting the urgency, you need to consider that your paper will be available to you right after the deadline expiration (if you choose a 1-day urgency, the paper will be available to you in 24 hours).

How can I know that my order is assigned?

Such details are visible in your account. The status “Payment verification” means that the payment did not go through yet and you will need to pay for your order to verify it. If you see that your order has the status “Processing,” it means that the writing expert is already found and working on your order. In case the order has the status “Sent/Completed,” it means that you are free to download it from the system.

How will I receive notifications?

Whenever some actions or changes take place in your account, you will be notified about that via SMS, system messages, or phone calls.