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Dissertation Abstract Chapter

Online Assistance in Writing Dissertation Abstract Chapter

Dissertation chapter- Abstract

An abstract summarizes the major ideas of a large work, such as dissertation. A dissertation abstract should present an overview of the methodology, results, and conclusions as well as introduce the readers to the purpose of the study. Dissertation abstract chapter appears at the very beginning of a dissertation and generally tells the readers what your work is about.


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Why Does Your Paper Need an Abstract?

The reasons for this are numerous but the most important ones are selection and indexing. By reading an abstract, a person may quickly understand whether this publication is valuable to them and whether they should peruse it. Another purpose abstracts serve is indexing larger works, and that is why you should include correct keywords to enable easy search.

When Do You Have to Add an Abstract?

A work should have an abstract when:

  • you submit it for publication in journals
  • it is used as application for a research grant
  • you work on MA or PhD thesis or dissertation
  • you write a book or book chapter proposal
  • when you are preparing a proposal for a conference paper

In most cases, the author of the entire work writes an abstract, but there are also professional abstract writing services that allow outsourcing abstracts to professional writers. When a publication has more than one author, the first author on the list is responsible for the abstract. There are also instances when undergraduates draft abstracts for their classmates who did not get a chance to read the book or other larger paper.

What Are the Different Types of Abstracts?

There are four major types of abstracts:

  • critical
  • descriptive
  • informative
  • highlight

All of these types have the same goal but there are also some differences. If the requirements do not specify the type of abstract you should use, familiarize yourself with all of them before you choose the one that is the most effective for your dissertation. However, if the supervisor provided you with specific requirements, you should follow them to the letter; otherwise, you might not get the highest grade.

A critical abstract provides an evaluation of the dissertation, so it has to include judgments and comments about the work. A descriptive abstract outlines the key ideas of the dissertation and explains to the reader what sort of the information the work contains. The purpose of a highlight is to spark interest, so it should include a hook to attract the reader’s attention. An informative abstract covers the major components of the dissertation, such as the purpose, methodology, results, etc. The last abstract type is the most common in academic writing.

How to Write an Abstract?

As you work on your dissertation abstract, keep in mind that it should make your publication searchable and accessible to researchers who explore a similar topic. Abstracts are usually the first thing people read when they look for relevant publications, the same way you did when preparing the literature review section for your paper. With this in mind, try to make your abstract as concise and informative as you can.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should use active voice and past tense in your abstract. Since your abstract will be a summary of what has already been completed, you should write it last even though this will be the first section of the dissertation.

The next thing you should consider if you are wondering how to write a dissertation abstract, is its format. The format depends on the type of the study. For example, an abstract for a scientific research paper will include the elements that are not found in abstracts for a literature review. At the same time, all subtracts have certain obligatory components as well as some optional parts that you might include depending on your preferences. A good dissertation abstract chapter should include:

  • The statement of the purpose: explain the reasons for writing by discussing the importance of the research. Why should the reader peruse the larger work?
  • Research problem: which problem were you attempting to solve in your work? Mention the main argument of the research and discuss the scope of the research.
  • Methodology: if you are writing an abstract for a scientific work, you may include the description of the approaches that you used. For other works, identify the types of evidence that you relied on in the study.
  • Results: similar to methodology, the discussion of the results is optional depending on the type of the study. For a non-scientific work, you may discuss the findings in general.
  • Implications: which changes would you propose based on the findings? How do your findings add to the existent body of knowledge?

Dissertation abstract structure and format may seem tricky if you have little or no experience of writing this type of works. On the other hand, much is at stake because the quality of an abstract plays a decisive role in making the readers interested in the larger work. An abstract that is unclear and does not flow is unlikely to convince the readers about the significance of your research.

That is why students tend to write numerous abstracts and be dissatisfied with the result. While there is room for perfection no matter what you write, thesis abstract writing is particularly challenging and time-consuming.

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How a Professional Writer Works on a Dissertation Abstract Chapter

Many PhD candidates admit that abstracts are the most challenging part in dissertation writing because, on the one hand, a dissertation abstract chapter must be brief, but on the other hand, it should provide a lot of information about the larger work.

However, when you get writing dissertation abstract help, you may forget about these challenges. Their approach to writing is different because:

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If you want to write an abstract for your dissertation yourself, you should try to think like a pro. Imagine that your salary depends on it. Learn everything you can and spend some time practicing before you start working on the actual abstract for your paper.

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