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10 Travel Recommendations for Your Next Flight

September 5, 2016


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hacks to make your next flight better

When getting ready for a flight, there are specific things that you will need to take with you on board. Among these 10 travel recommendations, you will find all the necessary stuff to take along when traveling by air.

Tips for Travelling

In order not to forget something important, keep in mind a few necessary things. What is even better, just make a special travel packing list for the next flight, so you won’t forget about small but important details when getting ready for your trip.

10. Plants/Pets/Mail/

Make sure that there is someone who will take care of these things when you're away. You canyou’re your neighbors’ children or your friends. You can pay money for this service or ask your close pals. Well, in the latter case, bring them a nice souvenir from your trip.

9. Headphones

To listen to music or audio books as well as to get rid of the flight noise, you need headphones and it's better to bring your own. They'll be without earwax, just the ones your ears like and fit. You will not have to pay for rental of headphones or have discomfort when using the ones that the airlines may provide.

8. Liner bags for waste

These are an important item on your travel packing list as you'll be able to use them for keeping dirty clothes.

7. Stuff for hydration

Take a moisturizer for your skin and some vitamin C for your body to take during the flight and after you land. You'll need a water bottle, too. Your body gets dehydrated during the flight, so you have to take care of it.

6. Stuff for your electronic gadgets

Important stuff that you are most likely to forget. Memory cards, camera cards, phone chargers.

5. Your own reusable cup

You will need a small eco-friendly mug to take on board.

4. Snacks

Not to spend extra money in the airport, take something to eat with you.

3. Entertainment

Take a book to read or download a movie on your tablet or smartphone. You will not get bored and waste your time on sleeping.

2. Travel clothes for flights

Don't forget about comfort during the long flights. You'll need attire to change when on the plane: tunics or leggings for women and pants and T-shirt for men. The clothes and shoes have to be loose and comfortable. Take a pair of compression socks, so your feet don't get swollen. 

1. Documents and cards

Important stuff: IDs, license, banking cards, passport – people often forget these things, so make sure you take them.

So, we wish you a safe and comfortable flight! Remember about the travel tips and about cheap flights as well. There are so many ways to travel, so use them!