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Different Types of Essays

January 18, 2017


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types of essays

Different Types of Essays

Essay writing is quite a complicated process for an average student since there are strict rules that need to be followed. If you find it difficult to understand the writing process, we assure you that the following article will provide you with some effective essay writing techniques.

Descriptive Essays

A descriptive essay has a clear purpose – to describe something in the best possible way. Such type of assignment allows much time for artistic freedom since the author is supposed to create a clear image in the reader`s mind. Writing such an essay, you have to concentrate your attention on the smallest details so that your reader could image the thing you describe.

Choose the descriptive words that relate to your subject. As for some other essay writing techniques, you may use a lot of adjectives that will help you to paint a picture for your reader.

Persuasive Essays

Don’t know how to write an essay? A persuasive essay is an argumentative paper that helps to persuade your audience in ф certain viewpoint. Usually, such an essay is written on a topical subject and contains strong arguments. Besides, a persuasive essay should contain efficient evidence that can support the thesis statement.

As well as most of the types of academic essays, a persuasive essay needs to contain a strong thesis statement that will be supported throughout the essay. Follow this guideline and you will forget about “how to write an essay” requests!

Narrative Essays

A narrative essay means that the writer wants to tell a particular story to the readers. This story should be interesting and informative. Your essay should include a plot, setting, main characters, etc.

Besides, it should have a clear essay organization. Follow all the essay writing tips and do not try to overburden your narrative essay with the unnecessary details. Your reader wants to enjoy an easy narrative, so do not disappoint him/her!

Expository Essays

An expository essay is a type that requires investigating of a particular aspect, idea or argument. These essays are written with the help of various methods: comparison and contrast, cause and effect, definition, etc. When writing an expository essay, be sure to follow the guidelines precisely, and you will receive a positive grade!

Follow our effective essay writing tips and be successful!


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