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Interesting Biology Research Paper Topics

Biology Research Paper Topics

October 1, 2020

If you are a high-school student, biology is one of the main subjects you need to undertake. Many students, who want to pursue their academic degrees in biochemistry, natural science, or medicine, will have to study biology on an advanced level. To gain more skills and knowledge within this field, they will need to complete numerous academic tasks including essays, research papers, lab reports, PowerPoint presentations, etc. on various topics. If you are one of them, you are probably tired of looking for great biology research topics and ideas. In our guide, we will help you select a good topic, as well as provide you with a list of amazing ideas that will definitely allow you to figure out what you want to write in your paper.

Finding a good biology topic can be very difficult. Such a topic is always appealing, relevant, and attention-grabbing. Ideally, you need to deal with recent findings and controversial questions in your paper. To do it well, you need to be interested in your topic. Choosing a subject that is a basis for a strong scientific argument is also a great idea. Your teacher would highly appreciate it if your topic will lead to further studies or discussions. Many students have a hard time when choosing a good topic for their academic projects. That is why we are going to provide them with numerous interesting biology topics that would boost their inspiration. Pick up a topic from our list or use some of them for building your own ideas! Either way, our guide will be very helpful for you!

How to Choose Biology Project Topics for College?

Once you understand how to choose great biology project topics for college, you will significantly facilitate the writing process. In a nutshell, a good topic for a biology project should be appealing, interesting, and relevant to the discipline. Ideally, your paper should deal with recent findings, relevant data, and controversial issues. If you have some difficulties with choosing a topic for your paper, have a look at the main principles that will make the topic choice easier:

How to Choose Biology Project Topics

  • Make sure to pick up a subject that is interesting to you. Writing your paper on a topic that is complicated or boring, you won’t enjoy the writing process;
  • As soon as your topic is chosen, make sure to analyze it. Also, you need to understand if your topic is broad or narrow as it will help you understand your direction. Pay attention that too broad topics should be avoided because they make the papers shallow;
  • Now, you need to research your topic by working with the most credible and authoritative academic sources pertaining to your subject. In case you cannot find enough materials for your topic, it is recommended to change it.

The list of biology research paper topics is never-ending. A student should always deal with debatable questions and recent findings. Keep in mind that a good topic should serve as a basis for the specific scientific argument provoking further discussions.

Biology Research Topics (with samples): Have a Closer Look at the Best Ideas!

Your work on a biology project begins with choosing a good topic. This rule applies to all assignments including lab reports, research papers, term papers, case studies, etc. Although choosing a good biology topic is not easy, we are going to facilitate this task for you providing you with a list of great ideas.

  1. Discuss the process of transplantation, as well as analyze the main mechanism of its work. Mention the main advantages and disadvantages of transplantation. Are there any alternatives?
  2. Discuss the role of neurobiology in the human ability to remember different things;
  3. Analyze various chemical reactions in the human body that are made with the help of hormones;
  4. Compare the nine-month gestation period in people with the gestation period in other mammals;
  5. Discuss the biological implications of having a child with the cousin;
  6. Poikilothermic body temperatures versus homoeothermic mammals. A case study;
  7. What has made the domestication of wolves possible?
  8. What would happen if terrorists used viruses as a biological weapon? How can scientists prevent this?
  9. The evolution of biology. Which achievement has brought the most benefits to people?
  10. Discuss the main reasons for plant diseases. How to cure them?
  11. Analyze the homosexuality and bisexuality phenomena among different species of animals;
  12. A case study of creatures that cannot die because of natural causes. Is immortality real?
  13. In what way can molecular research of rare genetic disorders enable scientists to find keys to understanding and curing cancer and other diseases?
  14. Discuss the paleo diet. Is it healthy? Can it be an optimal option for humans?
  15. Who owns the genetic code?

Biology Topics for High School

If you are searching for great biology topics for high school, just have a look at the great ideas given below. The characteristic feature of these topics is that they are simpler than the topics for college. However, it does not mean that you need to underestimate their importance:

  1. Explain the mechanisms of sea animals camouflage;
  2. Discuss the aspects related to biodiversity and climate change;
  3. Explain in what way does the music affect the human brain;
  4. Analyze the relationship between physical exercises and metabolism;
  5. Discuss the effect of bacteria on depression;
  6. Rainforest extinction and its negative effects.

Biology Topics for College Students

Biology topics for college students are not as simple as high school topics but they are also not as difficult as the undergraduate ones. When creating a list of biology research topics for college students, we wanted you to find the necessary information without extra effort:

  1. Discuss the main ways of mapping and cloning genes;
  2. Analyze the oligogenic diseases and their negative effects;
  3. Describe the hereditary diseases and explain their danger;
  4. Analyze the concept of genetic polymorphism;
  5. Infertility and its main factors of risk: A literature review;
  6. Discuss the effect of drug addiction on embryonic development;
  7. Analyze the effect of drinking on embryonic development.

Biology Topics for Undergraduates

Of course, the biology topics for undergraduates are much more difficult than the topics for high school or college students. They involve in-depth research and work with the most recent findings. Our researchers did their best to create a list of topics that would fit your undergraduate studies. We assure you that each of the following topics has enough information in libraries and online databases:

  1. Investigate the brain activity during the epileptic seizure;
  2. Analyze the ways of the appearance of tumor suppressor genes;
  3. Discuss the cognitive functions of primates;
  4. Discuss the main causes of the Down Syndrome;
  5. Evaluate the role of probiotics in curing infections.

Cell Biology Research Topics

If you look through the list of cell biology research topics, you will see that they are very engaging. To write a paper on such a topic, you need to be attentive to detail and evaluate the information objectively.

  1. Analyze the relationships between cytokines and cell biology;
  2. Extracellular matrix and cell biology: a literature review;
  3. Stem cell biology and its main regulation mechanisms;
  4. Macrophage activation: causes and consequences;
  5. Analyze the importance of therapeutic advances in curing Alzheimer’s Disease.

Biology Research Topics about Animals

Below, you will find the most fascinating biology topics about animals. Choose a topic from the list or use these ideas for your writing inspiration.

  1. How to make wide animal projection more successful?
  2. Discuss the male pregnancy in some animals;
  3. Analyze the main reasons for obesity in-home pets;
  4. Food sustainability and animal science. A synthesis essay;
  5. Animal abuse and fashion industry. How to address the major challenges?
  6. A behavioral study on birds;
  7. Testing beauty products on animals. Pros and cons.

Marine Biology Research Topics

If you are going to write a research paper on a marine biology topic but you lack interesting ideas, the following list will help you figure out what areas of marine biology are worth discussion.

  1. Biology of marine birds. A case study;
  2. Discuss the relations between biotechnology and marine biology;
  3. Glacial-interglacial cycles and the role of marine biology in this process;
  4. Functions, ecology, and biodiversity of marine biology;
  5. Marine biology and seamounts.

Plant Research Topics

Writing about plants is, perhaps, the most interesting process when it comes to studying biology. However, many students experience certain challenges when they need to choose appropriate topics for their research papers about plants. If you also need professional help with selecting a good topic, find the list given below:

  1. Discuss the mechanisms of fast isolation of molecular weight plants;
  2. Analyze the development of agriculture in different countries. Are there any innovations that are worth attention?
  3. How to reach enhanced plant growth? Efficient methods;
  4. Discuss the main benefits and shortcomings of plant nutrition research;
  5. What are the main priorities of plant nutrition research?

Molecular Biology Topics for Research Papers

Molecular biology is a particularly sophisticated biology field. If your teacher asked you to write a paper on a molecular biology topic, then you need to present an in-depth investigation of the topic based on recent findings in this field. Below, you will find interesting ideas that will help you find out your direction:

  1. Prion disease and molecular biology;
  2. Axon guidance and molecular biology;
  3. An analysis of the basic methods used in molecular biology;
  4. Pathogenicity of mycoplasmas: A case study;
  5. GABA receptors analysis.

Write an Impeccable Biology Paper!

We do hope that our biology research topics will help you create an amazing document that will bring you a good grade and respect from your tutor. No matter if you are a high school student or an undergraduate one, you need to do your best to write your biology research paper. Of course, the choice of your topic depends on many different reasons: your interests, professor’s requirements, etc. However, if your professor allowed you to choose a subject for your essay, you need to do your best to choose an interesting topic. No matter what topic you will select, you will need to apply your best writing and research skills to present a thorough investigation of the main findings. All in all, you should understand that each biology project assigned at an educational institution will take you closer to your academic success. If you want to reach success with your project, you need to plan your time well organizing your working schedule in an appropriate way. Dedicate enough time for proper researching, brainstorming, writing, and editing, and you will be able to receive the anticipated outcome. Good luck and have fun!

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