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8 Healthy Eating Tips

October 10, 2016

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Healthy food somehow excludes sweets at all; they are banned from the life of the healthy eaters, whereas sweets lovers are severely judged. Admit, you sometimes feel guilty because you do want and do eat a candy or a piece of cake.

Craving for Sweets Can Be Useful

People can be divided into two groups here: those who consider dessert eating to be the 11th grieves on Earth, and those who don’t actually care and allow themselves to eat something sweet without any occasion, just because they need, want or like it. Craving for sweets does not necessarily mean that you don’t control yourself or that you will instantly get fat after gulping down that tiny piece of a strawberry cake. If it bothers you, there’s some great news – if you feel like eating sweets and desserts, this means that you do know well your own needs at that moment.

Below are 8 reasons why the love for cravings is one of the good eating habits you should honor, but not avoid:

1. Good Mood
Eat a good dessert when you have a bad day, and you’ll see that afterwards, the clouds won’t seem to be that dark and scary. The sweets you love will make you feel better; it is one of the simple pleasures that can easily improve your mood.

2. Dessert Can Be a Good Breakfast
Moreover, scientists argue that it can help you lose weight. According to the study of the medical center in Tel Aviv, people who got desserts for breakfast for 4 months, lost weight and did not regain it after the experiment was over, while people who ate typical high-protein breakfast gained some weight back.

3. Control You Sweets
You can’t eat a whole cake, can you? So, here where the key is. Control the volume of the sweets you eat, and you will stay fit and healthy without severe abandoning your cravings. Eating sweets is all about feeling the taste and flavor, right? So, make it regular, but in small portions.

4. Dark Chocolate as Antistroke Means
Make dark chocolate consumption one of your good eating habits, and you will reduce the risks of a stroke. In the result of a study in Sweden held on the basis of people with heart and vascular diseases who were to eat dark chocolate every day, 17% proved to have less risk to get a stroke than those who did not consume the sweets.

5. Reducing Blood Pressure
Researchers have proved that dark chocolate helps to lower your blood pressure.

6. Improving Sexual Functions
A pumpkin pie will help you be better in bed! How? The thing is that it is an aphrodisiac. Moreover, it includes pumpkin seeds that are full of zinc that helps to improve the level of testosterone.

7. Share Your Dessert
When eating your dessert, don’t forget to share it with people around you if you are afraid of getting fat. Have a few bites and pass it on!

8. You’ll Get Kinder
When you eat a dessert, you start to feel better, smile more often, and love life!

So, you can see that sweets are good for your health and mental state. If not overeating, of course. Don’t fear to have a piece of a yummy cheesecake or a part of a dark chocolate bar.