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Professional Guideline on How to Write a Dissertation

How to write a dissertation

January 20, 2021

If you are eager to learn how to write a dissertation, you have to deal with the final project in your academic career. Dissertations are the papers that usually finish students’ education and require the application of all their knowledge and skills obtained in the process of learning. Dissertation writing requires not only research and writing skills but also makes students apply their critical and analytical skills in the process of their work on this paper. One of the basic characteristic features of writing a dissertation is original research. It is not a summary of some ideas; do not complete a literature review only. You have to develop the methodology and conduct research. Easier said than done, especially when you do not know what to start with and how to cope with your research ideas. We have developed a guide on how to write a dissertation step by step. If this information is not of great help to you, you may always use our best dissertation writing service.

What Is a Dissertation?

The dissertation is a final academic writing project students of the doctoral program have to submit and present before obtaining their Ph.D. degree. In some cases, this term also refers to the final paper that doctoral candidates have to submit before gaining the degree.

In essence, it does not really matter whether we mean a Ph.D. dissertation or an undergraduate dissertation. The requirements for formatting and structure of the paper are similar. The following guidelines will come in handy for both Ph.D. and undergraduate students, and even for students who are working on their Master’s level thesis papers.

How to Write a Dissertation

Many students know what a dissertation is in theory, but when they start working on this project, it appears that they need a comprehensive explanation. This detailed guideline will help you understand the process in detail and direct you in research and writing. The accurate instructions will help you not only understand what a dissertation is but will also give a specific protocol of what to do to write each section.

Check exact steps in writing a dissertation below:

  • Step 1: Think about what you would like to write about. In this step, you need to select the topic. If you have no idea so far what exactly you would like to research, do some brainstorming and pick a few topics that you are interested in. Afterwards, you need to narrow down your focus and choose the one that you like best. You can even contact your academic supervisor to help you out at the stage of selecting a dissertation topic. After you choose the topic, you need to identify the core concept and try to focus on the main idea of your research.
  • Step 2: Craft an outline or a plan for your work. It is essential to have an extended plan for your dissertation writing since the project is lengthy and you can easily forget to include some ideas or concepts. However, when you have a plan in front of you, it will be less likely that you overlook some essential issues. So, schedule this process of planning and pay enough attention to it.
  • Step 3: Follow the structure and start writing. The basic structure of the dissertation has to be quantitative and deductive if you follow the structure below:

    • Identify the scope of research.
    • Highlight the significance of your dissertation topic to the whole research area.
    • Outline aims and objectives.
    • Formulate the research questions and hypotheses.
    • Provide some background information on the topic if needed.
    • Formulate what main idea or argument you want to support.
    Literature Review Critically analyze the main research problem within the realm of the existing studies and theoretical concepts. This section should look like a critical discussion rather than a mere description of sources and the gathered evidence. Be sure to rely only on those sources that are relevant to the research topic. 
    Methodology Focus on the research design and describe in detail what data you collected and how you did it. Provide information on the data analysis and methods used. You may also include information on how you have selected the sample and the research setting. 
    Findings Provide a concise summary of data, including a visual representation of the results, such as charts, tables, diagrams, and others. 
    Discussion This section may be combined with the former one. In short, if you have not addressed findings above and have not reflected on them, it is just the right time to do it in this section. You need to relate the findings to the research questions that were provided at the beginning of the paper. Also, discuss the limitations of the study and its future implications. 
    Conclusion  Summarize the main information from the dissertation. Focus on the main aspects learned in the research process. Highlight on what should be learned from the process and what you could have done differently. 
  • Step 4: Organize the sources used in the paper. It is necessary to cite all sources in a proper way, so be sure to organize the references as required. You will need to find only credible and peer-reviewed sources that are also up-to-date. So, make sure you devote enough time to this process and use only reliable sources.
  • Step 5: Edit and proofread the content before submitting the paper. You have to compose and structure it in a proper way, so ensure you double-check all the requirements after you have completed the dissertation. Also, you need to be sure of the length of a dissertation since word count really matters. Check on whether you have used appropriate vocabulary and whether the structures are relevant to the context. Avoid using first-person pronouns unless you provide your own opinion.
  • Step 6: Always cite sources that you consult. Whenever you provide information taken from outside sources, be sure to cite it according to the required citation style. If you do not ensure citation of the information taken from the other sources, you may be accused of plagiarism. In order not to risk your academic reputation, you have to provide in-text citations.
  • Step 7: Ask your friends or group mates to take a look at your dissertation and provide you with feedback. Evidently, your friends or family members are not experts in your dissertation topic, but you may at least get feedback from them on how readable and comprehensible your paper is. Also, they can spot some sentence, grammatical, or punctuation mistakes.

A set of steps above is a perfect direction in writing a dissertation. Study the information attentively to have a clear image of how to structure a dissertation. If you need to complete this assignment yourself, check each aspect thoroughly. Otherwise, you may always use our services and buy a paper from experts.

Top Dissertation Writing Tips

Dissertation writing tests not only your professional expertise, the ability to conduct research, and writing fluency but also examines your work ethics and principles of academic integrity. Check out some useful tips that will help you come up with a successful dissertation:

Tips for Writing a Dissertation

  1. Keep your calendar. Schedule the time you will work on the dissertation. Mark the deadlines and indicate the most important milestones you want to achieve. The schedule will help you be more organized.
  2. Cooperate with colleagues. Consult your peers or colleagues for help whenever you need assistance. It will help you take a look at some problems from another perspective and also to focus on things you might have otherwise missed. All in all, you can simply ask for feedback.
  3. Take breaks from work. It is essential for your brain to receive good portions of sleep and relaxation.
  4. Use sticky notes in the process of working on your project. They are perfect for jotting down some ideas that suddenly come to your mind.
  5. Cite the sources you use immediately. Many students postpone the process of organizing references till the paper is completed, but we do recommend adding in-text citations right as you are referring to the sources.
  6. Consult your professor or academic supervisor. Do not be afraid of turning to your academic supervisor for help. They are here to assist you with advice since they are well aware what requirements you need to follow.

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How to Format a Dissertation

There are precise dissertation format rules you have to follow if you wish to succeed with your project. Mind that this assignment is not an essay where you may deviate from the rules and be creative in terms of formatting and structure.

What Language to Use

It is advisable to use the standard academic English language for dissertations. Sometimes, students conduct research in countries where people use other languages; in this case, surveys or interviews are held in the original language and further translated into English.

How Long Is a Dissertation

A standard length of a final project is 100-300 pages, including all the appendices.

How to Format a Page


The page has a standard size of 8½ x 11 inches.


The margins are usually 1 inch for all sides.


Double spacing is usually used for the text.

Single spacing is used for block quotes, footnotes, and lengthy tables in the text.


Standard 10-12 point Timed New Roman is usually used.

One should check how the paper is embedded in PDF to ensure that all the characters (especially non-English ones) appear as expected. It will be a mistake if some charters are not properly reflected on the professor’s computer.

Text, Figures, and Tables

The same font is used for all the elements of the paper. Thus, if you choose Times New Roman, it has to be applied in the body, headers, and footnotes. It is possible to use another font in tables and figures if they are developed with the help of different software.
The tables are usually located in the text or the appendices. More extended tables that serve as a confirmation of the written text are usually located in the appendices, while tables and figures that support your ideas have to be included in the text close to the information they justify. Those who know how to write a dissertation recommend placing tables and figures either above or below the related text or on a separate sheet of paper (centered). Do not put those at the end of a chapter. All tables and figures need to have captions that explain the content.

Yet, if you have some particular requirements, you need to stick to them. Thus, following the standards of some disciplines, students have to place images at the end of the dissertation.

You always have to mind numbering as this is a strategy not to get lost in your figures and tables. Strictly follow the sequence (e.g. 1.1, 1.2, etc.) and do not confuse the reader by similar numbers on different figures.

Always consult with the citation style as the rules of writing captions of tables and figures are usually written there. If you do not have specific rules, place captions above the tables or figures. Be consistent and keep the same formatting throughout the project. Write captions on the same page as your table or figure.

Help with Writing a Dissertation

No worries if you do not know how to write a dissertation. It is a complicated process and not all students can successfully cope with this assignment. Some students still strive for the final goal, while others prefer to buy such projects and do not worry about the final grade. The process of writing this project is tough and lengthy. It takes no less than a year to complete all the stages and present the final product. You may not be ready to suffer all those difficulties, and in this case, it is reasonable to refer to professionals.

Despite the fact that you can find plenty of recommendations on the Internet on how to write a dissertation, it may still be really challenging to cope with those requirements. Therefore, in cases when you are struggling with the assignment, a wise decision is to consult our sophisticated professional custom writing service. By ordering a dissertation from our professional writers, you can get a lot of advantages from this cooperation. You will always receive a top-notch quality paper according to the set deadline. Our company operates 24/7, so you are free to place your order at any time of the day or night.

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