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How to Get Good Grades in College

February 15, 2017


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how to get good grades in college

How to Get Good Grades in College

Effective Study Skills

Motivation and the Meaning of Success

Nothing can be achieved without motivation. You have to ask yourself what you want to improve and why. Write down your answers and put them on the wall at your workplace. Thus, you will be motivated all the time!

Also, you have to realize that each goal needs some time to achieve. So, remember that a successful person is not the one who has never experienced any defeats and failures, but the one who does not give up and reaches his/her aims.

Just be patient and don’t be afraid of making mistakes. One of the most valuable tips on how to study consists in the understanding that if you do not get something right away, it does not mean that you are a loser. Just keep in mind that your principal task is to develop your personality.

Control your Time

One more tip on how to study is to plan your educational process. Buy a planner and create your own schedule for every day. You may use a well-known system of three eight (8-8-8), which means time for sleep, work, and free time respectively.

Of course, you can invent your own system. The main idea is that if you plan your study process, make a list of tasks and deadlines, create separate folders for each subject, and make your workplace comfortable, you will catch up with everything and will become successful.

Go to the Class

Visiting classes systematically is the best way to get good grades. You may use your laptop or handwriting, be active and participate in class discussions.

Remember that the more you do in class, the less you have to do at home.

Reading and Writing

To get good grades for reading, use such tips as skimming (read the preface and conclusion of each chapter), read reviews on JSTOR, summaries of what you have to read or headlines the keywords. For writing, just make a plan, find reliable sources, write, and edit the essay.
Balanced studying

To cope with studying, you have to study systematically, make notes, find a comfortable place, use flashcards, and take care of your health. Follow these tips and good luck!