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Capstone Project Ideas

List of Capstone Project Ideas

July 28, 2020

Not sure how to find good capstone projects? When you have been asked to write this task, it can be really stressful. But at the same time, you gain a lot of practical knowledge in a sphere that is aligned with your future career aspirations. This is why it is important to choose interesting capstone project ideas that will motivate you to write the paper. This article offers you some of the best ideas for capstone project topics you can find. Whether you need capstone topics for education, nursing capstone project ideas, management capstone project ideas, or many other capstone project ideas, we have them all! Education capstone project ideas are especially popular for those who want to help transform this field in a positive way. You will also find out how to write a capstone project idea!


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How to Pick a Good Capstone Project Topic

Capstone assignments are among the most important work you will complete as you successfully graduate from a college or university. It is beneficial because it allows you to gain in-depth knowledge and explore questions related to your area of study. You will eventually be able to take what you have learned and apply them to real-world situations once you find employment. In some cases, your instructors will provide you with a list of possible capstone project ideas to choose from. On the other hand, you might have some flexibility in deciding for yourself. Whether you are thinking about capstone topics for education, internet technology, MBA, psychology, computer science or any other field, it is important to choose one that is relevant and interesting to you.

Before you make the ultimate decision, here are some tips that you should follow:

  • The topic should be complex and deal with a problem or issue that should be explored. You will then investigate this problem.
  • You do not want the topic to be too obscure. You certainly want to make sure you can find enough information to complete an in-depth research paper.
  • Do not wait until the last moment to start! Capstone projects take a great deal of time and preparation.
  • Selecting an interesting topic does not just benefit you, it piques the interest of the reader as well. Pick something that is relevant and important to society.
  • The topic you choose should be something that you have a good general idea about. Otherwise, you will spend too much time trying to catch up on the basics. However, do not go with something that is too easy either.
  • The topic should be narrow, but not too narrow that you cannot find anything on it. At the same time, if the topic is too broad, it will lack focus.

Here are the main steps you should take to choose the topic ideas that work best for you:

  • Do some brainstorming and then look online;
  • Look through some relevant scholarly sources to find out what has already been uncovered and any gaps;
  • Choose an engaging idea and narrow it down to something more specific;
  • Discuss your options with your advisor.

Capstone Project Idea Topics for Students

If you are preparing to start your capstone project, we have a great number of capstone ideas to choose from in a variety of different disciplines.

High School Senior Capstone Project Ideas

If you are a high school student who has to do a capstone project, you will not be asked to write a paper as complex as college or graduate-level work, but you should still work hard on it. Here are some unique ideas that you will find nowhere else!

  1. Should the alcohol drinking age limit be lowered to 18?
  2. How has social media affected civil discourse?
  3. What are the pros and cons of the UK leaving the EU?
  4. Should the United States offer to buy Greenland? What are the pros and cons?
  5. Is getting a college degree from an expensive private college any better than getting one at a state school?
  6. Should schools move to a 6-days-a-week schedule?
  7. At what age should minors be allowed to work?
  8. Would American democracy benefit if it moved to a one-party system?
  9. Should animals have the same legal rights as humans?
  10. Would building a wall with Mexico be an effective way to keep illegal immigrants from coming into the country?
  11. How much should taxes be raised on those who can least afford to pay them?
  12. Should we ride bikes instead of driving in cars?
  13. Do you support human cloning as long as we are only cloning good-looking people?
  14. Should foreign babies born in the United States automatically receive citizenship?
  15. What are some ways to reduce pollution to acceptable levels by next year?
  16. Do you think all students should be allowed to receive medical treatment?
  17. Is it ever appropriate to break somebody else’s iPhone on purpose?
  18. Should certain offenses be eligible for the death penalty?
  19. How much is too much to drink when you are having such a good time?
  20. Does everybody deserve a participation trophy, even those who do not actually participate?


Check out these impressive education capstone project ideas:

  1. Using your smartphone in class: is this the future of education?
  2. The pros and cons of having an education system
  3. The benefits of taking the SATs vs ACTs
  4. Virtual classrooms: the new reality or just a fantasy?
  5. Using YouTube videos in the classroom
  6. Teaching foreign exchange students: should you speak to them more loudly so they will understand you better?
  7. The problems with spreading rumors about classmates
  8. Replacing school desks with slot machines: a good idea?
  9. Is joining the school marching band the best way to become popular?
  10. The Speak & Spell: is this the solution to all of our education woes?

Great Business Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Should Walmart convince the public that it is the same as a “Mom and Pop” shop except that it involves thousands of parents?
  2. Should business executives need an MBA to be hired?
  3. How can advertising on social media best reach those who eschew social media?
  4. When corporations dump toxic chemicals into the water supply, would slapping them with a $1000 fine show them a thing or two?
  5. When it comes to buying coffee for the office, should everybody be forced to pitch in to combat the freeloader problem?
  6. Do human resource managers do anything more than just sit behind a large desk and act like they can move the sun and moon?
  7. Would European business strategies work on continents not named Europe?
  8. Are ponzi schemes the best way to become wealthy when done ethically?
  9. Is the accountant just having a bad day or should they be speaking to a psychiatrist?
  10. When a corporation takes green measures, are not they just appeasing the commies?

Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Can We All At Least Agree That Babies should not Be Having Babies?
  2. Nurses Working While Under Anesthesia
  3. Effective Ways To Cover Up Patient Neglect
  4. Why Is My Adult Beagle Still Nursing On His Stuffed Animals?
  5. How To Deal With The Pain Of Losing At Ping Pong
  6. The Best Health Practices Guided By Science
  7. How To Lengthen Nursing Shortages
  8. Why Should Nurses Even Need a License?
  9. Might Feeding a Baby Keep It Alive?
  10. Person. Man. Woman. Camera. TV: Should This Be On The Dementia Test?

Computer Science

  1. A wealthy prince emailed me an offer to share $10 million: How foolish would I be not to accept?
  2. Playing Minecraft on company time
  3. Designing a survey through SurveyMonkey to literally survey a bunch of monkeys
  4. The programming languages of 15th Century Mesoamerica
  5. Use of smartphone to call a friend
  6. If somebody wants to be a nonconformist, is Binging instead of Googling a good start?
  7. Using sophisticated inside trade information software to get filthy rich
  8. Developing a sophisticated automated system that does all the cooking and cleaning after your wife has left you for the neighbor
  9. I wonder what Ashton Kutcher is tweeting about right now. Let us check.
  10. Password suggestions: 12345678 because it is easy to remember

Medical Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Is less chocolate cake at every meal the key to fighting childhood obesity?
  2. Should our nation’s fast food restaurants come equipped with their own cardiac units?
  3. Should children learn science in school or just trust what their Evangelical parents tell them?
  4. Would deliberating inducing our brains to swell in size improve our cognitive abilities?
  5. Lyme disease: is Lyme the name of the person who discovered this disease or what?
  6. The delightful benefits of oversleeping
  7. People with dark, empty souls and the quality of their life
  8. Frenemies: Should you visit them at the hospital?
  9. Is wearing an apple around your neck an effective way to ward off doctors?
  10. Taking two aspirin when one does not do the trick

Psychology Capstone Project Ideas

If you are studying in the department of psychology, you might find these suggestions to be helpful.

  1. Hearing voices: Is it because your roommates are having a conversation in the kitchen?
  2. Violent games of tic-tac-toe and their effect on teenage psychological development
  3. What factors cause boy bands to form?
  4. What is the difference between long-term memory and extremely long-term memory?
  5. Is 30 anything more than the 20th year of adolescent development?
  6. Why is stress so stressful?
  7. What is bipolar disorder, and how can one find the answer if they have lost their internet connection?
  8. Is looking at the bright side the best treatment for depression?
  9. How does the environment influence our mood if that particular environment includes walls covered in red paint?
  10. Are psychologists worthless outside of the field of psychology?


  1. Expensive designer suits: which brands announce to the board meeting participants that you are in charge around here?
  2. How not to scare customers off even though you operate a factory that makes Halloween masks
  3. Compare and contrast Microsoft Inc. and Snuggie Inc.
  4. Best practices for getting an office rival into some serious hot water
  5. Cardboard and marker: How to advertise on a shoestring budget
  6. Benefits of not getting an MBA at Devry University
  7. How to make a tidy profit after your business building mysteriously catches on fire
  8. Develop a sound marketing strategy but forgetting all about the execution plan
  9. Restaurant strategies: Cooking reasonably delicious food and then serving it to customers who enter your establishment at a fair price
  10. Location, Location, Location: The best places to do the worst kind of business

Information Technology Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Does anybody even use the internet anymore?
  2. Should people who spend all day using information technology from their parents’ basement finally move out?
  3. Getting information via the internet vs ham radio
  4. Is it creepy for your boss to add you on social media and like college party photos that you posted more than a decade ago?
  5. Is the warm temperature of a laptop a good substitute for the warmth of human companionship?
  6. Should we be using algorithmic technologies to automatically transform hate speech into love speech?
  7. Is it ethical for law enforcement to access your computer and delete important files forever just to mess with you?
  8. Should we block Twitter and Instagram like they do over there in China or Japan or whatever?
  9. Is it appropriate to use the term “pirate” to describe somebody who steals software when so many real, brave pirates lost limbs hunting for treasure?
  10. Is Canada secretly a cyber threat?


Now that you have had a chance to read our comprehensive list of capstone essay ideas, we hope you feel inspired to start writing! If you pick a subject that you are passionate about, you are sure to succeed!

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