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Ultimate Article Writing Tips to Make you an Expert of Opinion

Article Writing Tips

December 2, 2019

It is easy to imagine an arrogant student saying, “I do not need any article writing tips. I work professionally. Do you think there is something I have not mastered?” This way of thinking leads to constant failures. We cannot reflect our knowledge to the fullest every time we accomplish something, even if we are talented. We need people around us. We need some tips every day. Obviously, 24 hours are not enough for us to cope with all the duties and have a rest. Our brains constantly go through stressful situations; sometimes they work better, sometimes they hardly come up with fruitful ideas. What is more important, we need to cooperate with other people. Mutual cooperation nurtures our ability to give and receive advice. Students and professors, writers and editors are involved in the circle of sharing valuable tips.

When it comes to writing, certain guidelines help to structure it in a readable way. Imagine that someone gave you a task to write freely, not following the specific rules and suggestions. What will the end result of this writing assignment look like? There is a likelihood of two variants:

  • You will produce good work, following general formatting and semantic rules, as you already know the specifics of this task in the academic realm, for instance.
  • You will write a creative piece, deliberately trying to break the rules – turning a scientific work into poetry, writing symbolic prose with unusual imagery. Anyway, it will still entail breaking the rules in order to create something of value. You may be involved in writing a journal article quite often, not knowing you omit significant nuances that would make your written work even better.

The following tips encompass general but integral guidelines, as well as alternative rules aimed at writing a good article. Let us call it “The Rules of Article Essence”:

  • An attention-grabbing message. Your audience must be hooked right from the start.
  • The purpose and timeliness of your article. If you write about something vague and aimless, filling it with extravagant figurative language, it will not be regarded as an article. In contrast to fictional writing, your article should reveal connections with contemporary events.
  • Readability and puns. Though your piece has to be easily read, it is always beneficial to adorn your thoughts with puns and subject-related metaphors to evoke reactions of your readers.
  • Quotations of respectful authors. Though you may be an expert yourself, your tone of writing should not be self-centered. Find the most suitable quotes of reputable authors to support your ways of thinking.
  • The interrelation with the future. All your points may allude to the fact that they will not lose their relevance in the future. You may also present a “message of reflections and uncertainties” to endow the reading public with food for thought.
  • Pose intriguing rhetorical questions. Everyone likes and uses this type of question, especially when writing a magazine article. They slyly reflect the author’s statement, but also create an effect of asking your audience about something essential they must be aware of. The readers may agree or disagree with your position, but conflicting sides feed enticing disputes.

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Why Article Writing is Essential?

The universal factor of article writing is that you have to be eloquent and inventive enough to ponder on all the possible topics within your specter of knowledge. Articles are everywhere. These specific written works often reflect the demands of society. No wonder they become significant pieces in various educational and business spheres. The trendiest sector for article writing is blogging. It is difficult to find a website without a thematic blog. It can be related to marketing, financing, craft business, high technology, journalism, arts, travel, and other good article topics. You can choose to develop your ideas within any sphere of interest, and well-written articles help you to find your target audience. The success of every ambitious blogger directly depends on the articles he writes. It is curious to note that students tend to write better than some specialists. How can it happen? A student is not qualified in a certain field, but he needs to write something specific every day. So, a student already knows the necessary rules for writing an article that meets the expectations of real business. On the contrary, you may be an expert in video games strategies, for example, but you may not be able to express all your knowledge in a written form.

Though the authenticity and individual approach to your writing is appreciated, it is understandable when a business owner hires a freelancer to produce the original content for his website’s blog. Besides, it is reasonable to address professional companies to obtain flawless article writing examples. You can learn a lot from these samples, which embody all the significant aspects of pencraft.
We need articles on miscellaneous topics as it is a fundamental part of our Information Age. These writing pieces inform us about the things we are usually interested in, present strong arguments for and against the specific issues, and elucidate the reasons behind topical events and achievements.

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Types of Article Writing

Further, the major types of article writing will be elucidated.

  • News articles. This is the type of article we read every day. A journalist, though a person of opinion, must never divulge his/her prejudices. Only the audience is allowed to comment subjectively. It is a malevolent deed when a reporter presents the distorted version of events. If the information is not accurate, readers are misled, and it causes the chain of false opinions about the half-existent subject. Thus, accuracy is the key in the articles that must focus on facts.
  • Professional articles. Aimed at specialists, this article usually reflects technical knowledge. It has an explicit article writing format according to the rules of an organization that carries out research in a specific field.
  • Review articles. This article analyzes literature, cultural events, and cinematography. It can also entail reviews of various venues and products. This article type is often featured in magazines.
  • Travel articles. Especially popular among bloggers, these writings disclose your travel experience connected with valuable tips regarding must-visit places.

Bear in mind that it is impossible to produce a striking article unless you are familiar with the subject. If it is not related to your experience, you must dedicate a generous amount of time to researching the issue. For instance, when evaluating an artwork at a modern gallery, interview its author, read about the style of a painting, and present a viewer’s perspective.

How to Write an Article: Useful Advice

You must know how to write an article to explore burning issues and demonstrate your expertise regarding the subject under discussion.

  1. Estimate Your Topic Relevance
    As a reporter or any other professional, you choose the topic on your own. Mass media students are often assigned to invent relevant article topics. This way, professors estimate their awareness of issues important for contemporary society.
  2. Outline Ideas that Matter
    Article writing is not devoid of imagination, but it does not mean your work should not follow a precise structure. Drafting your ideas helps to observe a logical sequence of your thoughts. Artists always produce sketches before doing the actual painting. It is the same with creating a decent article. An outline gives you the space to produce various “sketches” and choose the best ideas out of them.
  3. Sources You Seek. Knowledge You Embody
    Experts should not be afraid of other intellects. Distinguishing the achievements of other authors is not your weakness. It is an ability to appreciate the circle of knowledge sharing. A seamless article reflects your strong opinion amalgamated with quotations by reputable authors. Therefore, you avoid plagiarism, expressing your own authentic thoughts and giving credit to original concepts of others.
  4. The “Hygge” of Focus
    Your work will not be effective unless you find a nook that keeps you focused only on writing. The best article is created in the most convenient atmosphere for its author. If you cannot concentrate at home, choose a cozy cafeteria or a bookshop where you can find your inspiration spot. If the weather is pleasant, your writing nook maybe somewhere in the park or near a lake (by the way, water creates a tranquilizing effect for a perfect focus).

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Although you can be an interesting person in real life, engaging in creative meetings and communicating with the intellectual elite, it may still be a challenge for you to produce top-level articles. However, if you learn the above-mentioned tips by heart, you will find the right keys to attract your target audience.