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Choose the Best Topic for Argumentative Essay and Write a Winning Paper

Argumentative Essay Topic

March 24, 2020

Topic for Argumentative Essay Writing

Students are often asked to complete argumentative essay assignments in their high schools, colleges, and universities. Such an assignment is a great instrument for checking the student’s ability to think analytically, build logical conclusions, as well as to investigate the findings of other researchers within the scope of the specific topic. Teachers in many educational institutions prefer this task because it also helps the students develop their arguing abilities and critical thinking skills. The first challenge in writing such an essay is selecting a good topic for it. An appropriate topic for argumentative essay depends on various factors. First, it should assume that the writer will take a certain position and support it. Second, it should be approved by the teacher. Third, it should enable the researcher to collect some evidence in support of his or her arguments.

For getting a good grade for your argumentative paper, the topic should be intellectually appealing to the reader. On the stage of selecting the topic for argumentative essay, the students may face a lot of challenges. They should realize that the topic should be narrow enough to allow the writer to discuss it in detail. At the same time, the topic should be wide enough to find credible academic sources to support the writer’s position. If you are stuck and have no idea how to choose a good topic, we have collected many efficient secrets that will help you do it without extra effort. Alternatively, you may look through our lists of topics and select the one that fits your interests best of all.


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The Best Way to Choose a Topic for Argumentative Essay

There are a lot of good argumentative essay topics to come up in the age of technological progress, economical movements, and political debates. Picking up the right topic for your argumentative essay is one of the most important and responsible stages of the writing process. Of course, your teacher may assign the topic manually allowing you to focus mainly on the writing process. However, very often they give freedom of choice to their students to check the level of their insight and creativity. Nevertheless, if you have any questions or concerns about the topic you have chosen, it is better to ask your teacher for advice.

If you want to impress your reader by the way you build a logical discussion, you should choose a rather contradictory topic. Try to avoid writing argumentative papers on moral topics as you will not be able to support a logical discussion.

A great argumentative paper should include both a thorough analysis and a fair criticism of the opposing position. Each time you want to say something against one’s position, you should find reasonable arguments for that. Otherwise, you will not be able to persuade your reader that your position is right. The lack of credible and peer-reviewed sources to support your position will also result in a negative grade.

To create a great topic for an argumentative essay, you should think about the recent burning issues in society or think about the themes that fit your interest. Undoubtedly, writing your essay on the topic that seems interesting and intriguing to you, you will enjoy the writing process finding new angles of the topic. What is more, you may look through the great argumentative essays written by the best students. Finally, if you lack the writing inspiration and want to get some great argumentative essay ideas to boost your writing talent, just have a look at the list of topics given below.

Interesting Topic Ideas for Argumentative Essay

Taking care of the needs of the despaired students, we have created a list of great ideas that will help them understand the direction for their searches. Choose the topic for an argumentative essay from the list or just use this list for boosting your writing inspiration and you will be able to create a wonderful paper that will please the most demanding educator.

Favorite Argumentative Essay Topics of the Students

Our writing company has been producing high-quality writing services for many years. Over this time, we have studied all the needs and expectations of our clients. Below, you will find the top five topics that are preferred by our customers for their argumentative essays:

  1. Should smoking be allowed in colleges?
  2. All schools should establish a games period;
  3. The most appropriate age for marriage is 25;
  4. Scientific experiments with animals should be banned;
  5. Online education is equally good as campus education.

We have collected many other argumentative essay topics and divided them into categories for you to be able to choose the one that seems the most interesting to you.

Technology Topics

    1. Are we, people, relying on technology too much?
    2. Should the children of elementary schools be allowed to play computer games?
    3. What are the main shortcomings of e-books? Are they better than traditional books?
    4. Do you agree that the Internet slows down human moral development?
    5. What are the potential solutions for the cyberbullying problem? Should this situation be monitored better?
    6. What are the key reasons for enormous cryptocurrency popularity?
    7. Discuss the Instagram phenomenon. Why young people become more and more addicted?
    8. Can the role of media be eliminated somehow?
    9. Discuss the ethical issues related to robots in the 21st century;
    10. Do you agree that electronic money is a much better alternative for traditional money?

Society Argumentative Essay Topics

    1. What are the obvious drawbacks of democracy? What political system is the most convenient option for society?
    2. Discuss the ethical concept of abortion;
    3. Do you agree that living forever may be too boring?
    4. Why do so many people decide to become atheists nowadays? Why people lose their interest in religion?
    5. Explain what are the key benefits of the highly competitive environment?
    6. Do you think that working mothers should have any privileges?
    7. Why the death penalty is still a controversial issue in the present-day community?
    8. Do you agree that sexual orientation is still a burning issue in the contemporary tolerant society?
    9. Should the control over refugees be stricter?
    10. Gun control and ethical issues related to it;
    11. Why becoming a member of sorority or fraternity can be a problem?
    12. Discuss the role of fashion in the life of adolescents;
    13. Why the US government should make the anti-racist policies stricter?
    14. Discuss the concept of culture shock. Why it is so difficult for people to accept another culture?

Family Topics

    1. Should the US families have a television in their houses? Explain your answer with the real-life examples;
    2. Should mothers work or stay at home taking care of their children?
    3. Is physical punishment a good choice for explaining something to a child?
    4. Do you agree that homosexual couples should not be allowed to have children?
    5. What influence can divorce have on a child?
    6. Should the children be taken from incomplete families?
    7. Should someone who has been convicted of a sex crime raise his children?
    8. How to raise a happy child?

Healthcare Topics

    1. The drawbacks of the US healthcare system;
    2. What kinds of sports are too dangerous for human health?
    3. What are the main benefits of shortening the working day to six hours?
    4. Fast food. Is it really dangerous?
    5. Should mental therapy be available to all citizens?
    6. Human cloning and its dangerous consequences;
    7. What are the consequences of obesity in developed countries?

History Topics

    1. In what way did the invention of cotton boost US agriculture?
    2. Abraham Lincoln should have allowed the Southern states to leave the Union peacefully. Do you agree with this statement?
    3. Why Adolf Hitler is considered the greatest villain in the world’s history?
    4. Do you agree that the Native Americans’ expelling was justified?
    5. What were the main causes of the US-Mexican war?
    6. Discuss the instruments that have helped Prussia unify Germany into a single nation;
    7. Do you think that the Reconstruction of the South was a successful measure?
    8. Colonialism in the Third World. Is it beneficial or harmful?
    9. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of joining the European Union;
    10. What were the main causes of the Indo-Pakistan wars?

Politics Topics

    1. What is the role of the state governor? What duties they have to perform?
    2. Politicians who are accused of corruption. How they should be punished?
    3. If you were a governor, what initiatives would you suggest?
    4. Should rich people pay additional taxes?
    5. What is more important: national security or the privacy of the citizens?
    6. Do you have trust in your government? Why? Why not?

Literature and Art Topics

  1. Do all forms of art are useful?
  2. Why do the movies of the 21st century become crueler?
  3. Do you agree that watching TV is a total waste of time?
  4. Should parents take their children to the exhibitions of modern art?
  5. What are the main causes and consequences of plagiarism in artworks?
  6. Do you agree that reading can broaden the worldview?
  7. Do you think that famous artists have an innate talent or their success is the result of their hard work?
  8. Movies vs. books. Which art form is better?
  9. Why some actors can play murderers and maniacs better?
  10. Discuss how the level of censorship defines art in the country?

How to Write a Great Argumentative Essay?

To produce an impressive argumentative paper, you need to take a few important steps. These steps are as follows:

  • Pick up a good argumentative essay topic and conduct some research to find out what angles of this topic require further investigation;
  • Brainstorm your ideas;
  • Write an outline in order to systematize your ideas;
  • Write your argumentative essay following the classic structure;
  • Revise your paper if necessary improving all the sentences that are irrelevant or awkward;
  • Proofread your essay to get rid of the grammatical, spelling, and punctuation flaws.

Follow the Structure

In addition to writing brilliant content, you should also take care of the paper’s structure because a poor structure will significantly reduce your chances of getting a good grade.

argumentative essay structure


The introduction is the place where you should briefly tell about your topic and explain its relevance. Ideally, an introduction should include a hook that will engage your readers. It can be a quote of a famous person, a fact, or some statistical information that will help you involve your reader in your study. Also, an introduction should include a thesis statement that will clearly state your position.

Main Body

The main body of your paper is the part in which you should provide a discussion on your topic. You should start by providing your reader with a brief description of the viewpoints existing on your topic. Then, you need to gradually narrow down your focus explaining your position. Please, note that all of your arguments should be supported with credible evidence. If you use the citations of reputed experts to support your words, do not hesitate to format them properly in accordance with the formatting style mentioned in your instruction. Each paragraph of your main body should begin with a topic sentence explaining the thesis statement.


This part is a characteristic feature of the argumentative essay paper. In this section, you should predict the questions of your opponents and answer them. Your reader should understand that you do not only blindly support your position but you have many reasons to claim that your choice is right.


Once you are done with your introduction and main body, it is time to write your conclusion. Pay attention that in your conclusion, you should not introduce new information as it is the section where you need to summarize the points discussed previously. In the concluding paragraph, you need to restate your argument or make your audience take some actions.

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