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How to Maximize Your Study Time in College

November 23, 2016


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College Time Management Tips

Tips on Time Management in College

Are you trying hard to find enough time for studying, work, and friends? Students may use numerous techniques for maximizing study time. Here are several ways to do it.

Tips on How to Study: Wake Up a Bit Earlier

One way to have more study time is to wake up a bit earlier every morning to look through your class notes. You should know that in the morning your brain is more active than it is in the night, so waking up earlier you will have an opportunity to focus and study more easily. If you have difficulties with waking up, you can put your alarm on the other side of your room so that you need to get out of your bed to turn it off.

Create Audio Notes

If you are that kind of a person who is always taking notes, try to turn them into audio notes. It will help you continue learning when your eyes are tired. You may just record yourself reciting your lecture notes and then transfer them to your phone, or simply record your professors during lectures. When you have a test coming up, you will have an opportunity to listen to them on the go. Taking notes is really a very profitable idea.

Refuse if You Know You Have to Study

One more tip that will help you find more time for studying is to refuse at least one thing during the week. It does not mean that you cannot go out and have some fun – you just should not say “yes” to everything that you are asked to do. If you realize that you are going to clubs too often, just use a part of this time for studying. It is one of the ways to answer the question, “What is the best way to study?” You will get much better grades, and you will feel less stressed.


Remember about creating audio notes? Now figure out when you can best use them. If you work out regularly, listen to them as you are running or having training. Or you can just listen to them while getting ready in the mornings. Do not forget to pay attention to what you are listening to.

Hope that these little tips will help you maximize your study time:

  • Wake up earlier.
  • Use audio notes.
  • Learn to say “no.”
  • Find out when you can multitask.