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Suggestions on Creating a Business Report

October 18, 2018


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Suggestions on Creating a Business Report

Tips on Writing a Business Report

Business report writing is considered to be a usual type regarding business documents. If you take a look at a business report format sample, you’ll definitely get to know how to write a business report. As a matter of fact, there are several different forms of business report writing: a general business report, a financial plan, a business analysis, and others. However, any type of business report writing ought to follow the same basic points. Here you can find several pieces of advice regarding organizing business report writing.

  • Writing an executive summary

In other words, it is considered to be a summary of the whole report. It is highly recommended to work on it after you have written the report. The summary consists of the main points of the report. Thus, it contains recommendations, purposes and the main ideas of a business report.

  • Planning the contents.

It is worth mentioning that business report writing ought to be well-structuralized. You should begin with planning the order, in which you will present your data. In the contents, you have to include the titles of sections.

  • Proposing the introduction

In fact, the introductory paragraph reveals the reason why you’re doing business report writing. Make sure that you state in the introduction what problem this report solves, what the best ways to improve the situation are, and how the profits can be increased.

  • Performing your findings

What does the body of a business report consist of? It includes useful pieces of information as well as data that you have managed to find. Don’t forget about making a precise analysis of the data. Due to the fact that your task will be to make conclusions and suggest recommendations, all data is supposed to be thoroughly and accurately checked.

  • Making conclusions

Bear in mind that you cannot provide graphs and tables in conclusions with regard to business report writing. Avoid presenting new information in this section. Remember that it is a part of clear and concise conclusions, which lead to recommendations.

  • Writing your recommendations

Business report writing should end with recommendations. As a matter of fact, they ought to be derived from your conclusions in a logical way.

A Few Examples of Different Formats for a Business Report

When you need to raise money for a new project or you are eager to display how well your business is doing in comparison with the previous year, you will have to prepare a written report. A business report has a lot of formats.

  • General Business Report Format

The general format for a formal business report includes a cover sheet with the name of the report, the name of your company and address, and the date. You should also create a table of contents, an executive summary together with an introduction section that contains explanation of the background of the report, the main body of the report and a section with recommendations and conclusions.

  • Informal Reports

The informal business report looks like a one-page letter or email that doesn’t have a structured format. This especially concerns small businesses, taking into consideration the fact that they have less employees and there is no possibility to create a long formal report.

  • Specialized Business Reports

Actually, lots of business reports have a precise specialized format. Thus, you can start with finding a template so that you are able to easily create your own report. To illustrate, one of the types of business report is a balance sheet. Typically, every accounting program can provide you with a template for it.