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85 International Business Essay Topics for College Students

January 18, 2019


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85 International Business Essay Topics

85 International Business Essay Topics

International business is a very relevant area in economic theory today. Here is a list of 85 topics on this subject.

International Business Themes

  1. The world economy as a complete system.
  2. The globalization of the modern world economy.
  3. Ways of development of states in the context of globalization.
  4. Trends in the development of the world economy.
  5. The world economy at the present stage of development.
  6. The world economy and its problems at the beginning of the 21st century.
  7. Theories of the world economy.
  8. Globalization of world economic relations at the present stage.
  9. The natural resource potential of the global economy.
  10. A new type of economy.
  11. Food production and food security.
  12. Population and labor in the global economy.
  13. Demographic resources of the world economy.
  14. Financial resources of the world economy.
  15. Scientific resources of the world.

Countries and International Economic Organizations

  1. The EU as the highest form of manifestation of regional economic integration in modern conditions.
  2. Integration in North American and Pacific Rim.
  3. The place and role of the United States in the global economy.
  4. Economy of Japan.
  5. International economic integration.
  6. Features of Western European integration.
  7. Economy of the leading countries of Western Europe.
  8. The role of the innovation factor in the global economy.

Basics of International Business

  1. International economic relations as a process of interaction between national economies.
  2. International corporations and financial groups
  3. The modern world market, its structure and conjuncture.
  4. International regulation of world trade.
  5. Features of pricing in the global market.
  6. International trade in services.
  7. International technology cooperation.
  8. Legal protection of technology and its accounting in international economic cooperation
  9. Modern international leasing.
  10. International labor migration.
  11. Modern features of international capital movements.
  12. Modern theories of international trade.
  13. The main forms of international business activity.
  14. International franchising.
  15. International fair and exhibition activities.
  16. Tourism as a specific form of business.
  17. Globalization and new organizational forms in international tourism.
  18. Monetary relations in the world market.
  19. International payments and their forms.
  20. Telecommunication services.
  21. International cooperation in the field of education.
  22. International cooperation in solving global problems of our time.
  23. Varieties of international business environment.
  24. Five steps to writing effective commercial script.
  25. Resellers in international business.
  26. Barter transactions in international trade.
  27. Leasing operations in international trade.
  28. Licensed trade (current trends and prospects).
  29. Engineering and consulting services in international business.
  30. International transport operations (sea transport).
  31. International transport services (air transport).
  32. International commodity exchanges.
  33. International commodity auctions.
  34. International bidding.
  35. Export of capital abroad. Its causes, mechanism, consequences for the host country.
  36. Enterprises with foreign investments (establishment chains, management mechanism, economic efficiency).
  37. Portfolio investment and securities market.
  38. Transnational corporations in international business.
  39. Transnational banks in international business.
  40. Insurance services in international business.
  41. Advertising in international business.
  42. General agreement on trade in services.
  43. International marketing as a philosophy of modern business.
  44. Partnership of the state and private business in the production infrastructure.
  45. World currency market.
  46. The global market for outsourcing services.
  47. Creating highly efficient and competitive enterprises using outsourcing.
  48. Information management in the period of globalized business.
  49. Cross-cultural communication in international business.
  50. Electronic commerce on the world market (content, features, problems, prospects).
  51. The contract of international sale.

International Management

  1. Strategic planning of the joint venture.
  2. Strategic planning of the investment activity of the exporting enterprise.
  3. Business plan for improving the efficiency of the exporting company (joint venture or foreign enterprise, importing company).
  4. The mechanism of management of enterprise competitiveness in international management (with a specific example).
  5. Features of the formation and implementation of the competitive strategy of the enterprise in the international competition.
  6. Methods of enterprise personnel management in world practice.
  7. Forming an enterprise strategy when it enters the world market.
  8. Methods of making management decisions and their development in world practice.
  9. Conflict management in the international firm.
  10. Modern methods and models of management in international firms.
  11. Strategies for managing an innovative firm in international practice.