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Five Steps to Write Effective Commercial Script

Five Steps to Write Effective Commercial Script

January 23, 2019

Tips on Proving the Effectiveness of Your Script

This article presents to your attention the strategies to compose the script that would be appropriate for various purposes, for example, training videos, commercials, announcements, etc. You have a chance to get to know why a strong script is that vital part of any video.

  1. Begin with a Team Document

    It may sound quite predictable to make a starting step with briefly writing ideas, but the method has already proved its efficiency. We advise not to leave aside this team activity as far as it may bring you a number of benefits. This is truly great that everybody, who has worked on a project, will have a possibility to express their ideas or answers regarding certain details. It saves time and lets to notice all the imperfections in the course of editing. Decide together what to do with some tricky moments that you have spotted.

  2. Go back to a Project’s Outline and its Goals

    We have already paid attention to the creative brief, but what it should be made of? There are no rules on how to complete it so you may implement the components that you consider to be essential. The main thing that it should touch on the crucial issues with the help of questions:

    • What is the motive of this video? What would you like to achieve while working on the project?
    • What is the target audience of our video?
    • What is the main topic revealed throughout the video?
    • What is the message we are eager to deliver?
    • What do we encourage a viewer to do after watching the video commercial?

    Only having answered these vital questions, your team will be on the way of creating a compelling script. According to the type of the project, it may be important to look at specific aspects even before shooting. So, be careful to add all the needed questions to the list that would further serve as a skeleton of a brief.

  3. Estimate the Valuable Element to Include

    If you have chosen a subject, it is high time you got started with the script. In the same manner, as a brief, it should not be fanciful or extraordinary. Of course, if you do not plan to submit it for Oscar. Your goal is to make it workable and able to gain confidence with the help of natural and life-like acting.

    The language to be used should be simple and colloquial. It is obvious that it should not sound the same as a research paper or any scientific writing. Make it straightforward and comprehensible to the maximum so that people can understand your message. Usually, a script is written from the viewpoint of a video presenter.

  4. It Should Concise with the Main Narrative Defined

    A dialog cannot be the only thing a video is concentrated on. If you want to conclude there a couple of scenes and characters, try to be straightforward and succinct. Remember that it is also required to tell some information on the background of the stage actions. Make it clear for a viewer what and why changes on the screen. It is better if you script every word. You will wonder how it will make the process organized and will help to avoid lots of mistakes saving your time. The shorter your video is, the more precise script it requires. Review your writing and ensure yourself that it covers all the needed points and is laconic while focusing on each of them.

  5. Revise and Read Aloud a Script

    Try to imagine how it all will sound on the camera. This practice helps to understand whether particular words fit in the context or not. Polish and proofread the completed writing.

The fact that commercial script is one of the most significant things in process of making videos is absolutely correct. That is why you should devote enough time to brainstorm the topic you have undertaken to deliver your ideas to the audience.