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How to Critique a Movie

How to Critique a Movie

January 17, 2019

Writing a movie evaluation is undeniably delightful since it is easy to write about something you are fond of. When dealing with a movie critique essay, you should understand that it is different from a film review. While in a review you need to state your opinion and give a summary of the movie plot, a movie evaluation essay presupposes in-depth analysis of such aspects as symbolism, settings, theme, etc.

To write a successful movie analysis essay, you need to stick to a precise plan. Here are 7 steps of movie critique writing that will help you to achieve it.

  1. Step
    Watch the film. To provide deep critique, you need to pay undivided attention to the details while watching the movie. Take notes of some catchy moments that may come in handy while writing. A critique movie essay is indicative of your perception of a certain movie. Thus, jot down everything that impressed or conversely, put out in the movie. It can be an eye-catching piece of dialog or a character’s garments.
  2. Step
    Identify the main elements. To produce an effective essay, you need to establish the theme of the movie which basically sets the way the movie is perceived. For instance, the movie can center around such themes as blind love, vengeance, loneliness, etc. Additionally, you need to establish the genre of the film, the setting, and the point of view.
  3. Step
    Analyze the characters. While watching the film, take notes of the most important characters. Try to figure out their role in the movie. Identify the protagonist, antagonist, and the supporting cast; what personal qualities each character embodies. An integral part of the movie is settings which can sometimes be represented as a leading character.
  4. Step
    The role of cast members and director. When doing your movie critique, you should also consider the people who created it. They are not limited merely to actors, directors, and producers but also include music orchestra, camera-men, engineers, visual artists, etc. However, it does not mean you have to expound on each of them. Choose one angle which you will analyze. In fact, it is dependent on the type of film and the things you want to stress. For instance, you can expand on how music set the atmosphere in the film. If you study the movie with fantastic creatures, you can emphasize the excellence of make-up artists in creating the greasepaint.
  5. Step
    Story short outline. Make mention of the main storyline. Do not go into details and subtleties of the plot. The purpose of a movie critique essay is not to give a summary of the movie but to analyze it. Your main task is to give the readers insight into what the film is about.
  6. Step
    Writing process. Having analyzed the above-mentioned aspects of the film and having short notes at your disposal, you can buckle down to your essay. You will save some time by drawing an outline. All you need is to create a list of the aspects you intend to cover in each paragraph. You can follow this five-paragraph template:

    • Paragraph 1: Mention the movie title, director, the main idea of the movie, your thesis statement;
    • Paragraph 2: Give insight into the movie
    • Paragraph 3: Speculate on settings, structure, style, and point of view;
    • Paragraph 4: Look at the deeper meaning, symbols, and cinematic devices;
    • Paragraph 5: Conclude, restate your thesis and sum up.
  7. Step
    Editing. Before submitting your paper, you need to ensure that it does not contain any structural, grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. If you are adept at grammar and can focus on details, you can edit your paper on your own. However, you can also make use of multiple online guides that will show you how to do it.

Accordingly, writing an essay on movie critique can be indeed really enthralling, especially if you know for a fact what you should focus on. The above given 7 steps will surely help you to create an effective movie critique essay.