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The Ultimate Guide to Writing a College Paper

November 30, 2016


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the ultimate guide to writing a college paper

The Ultimate Guide to Writing a College Paper

You may think I am a dull fish, but actually, I am proud of my writing skills that help me generate at least two excellent college essays per week. Now I am studying at Oxford, and writing perfect essays contributes to my academic success. If you want to find out how to write a college essay that goes beyond your professor’s expectations, read my guide carefully.

Essential essays writing tips

  • Choose your essay question. If your assignment does not allow you to choose research paper topics, just skip this paragraph. If you are given a list of topics, do not hurry to pick up the easiest. Choose research paper topics that are interesting for you to investigate and write about even if they seem complex.
  • Make a schedule. Start writing your essay beforehand. For example, if you have 5 days before submission of your 6 pages paper, plan to complete 2 pages per day. Allow 1 day for the research and 1 day for editing.
  • Find the sources. This step is essential especially if you are not familiar with your topic. The evidence found in sources will serve as the best back up for the ideas presented in the essay. Search for reputable and up-to-date sources only.
  • Read and take notes. Study your sources thoroughly and make sure you understand all the information. Then jot down the ideas you may want to use in your paper mentioning the source.
  • Create an outline and a draft. Make sure your outline has a thesis statement and at least 3 points that explain your thesis. Compose your first draft by writing catchy introduction with your thesis statement in the end. Next, write the essay body by developing 3 points into 3 separate paragraphs. Write down a conclusion that will summarize your ideas.
  • Edit your essay. Take a break after writing the draft so that you can have a fresh look at it the next day. Reread your essay carefully and correct logical fallacies, grammar, and spelling.

Congratulations! You are done with your first perfect essay and can give your fellow students a piece of advice on how to write a college essay that deserves A+.


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