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45 Useful Academic Writing Phrases for College Students


December 14, 2018

The presence of tautology in scientific papers speaks of the incompetence of their authors. To avoid such a situation, you should use some cliches that will help you make the text of your research more professional.

Initial Provisions

  1. At the initial stage of the study
  2. The appeal to the
  3. Therefore, such a phenomenon is the starting point in the development
  4. The definition of this concepts is reasonably used as the initial point in the scientific characteristic
  5. Investigating this problem, the authors proceed from the basic conceptual provisions of the theory
  6. The starting points for the

Literature Review

  1. A new line of research in the field
  2. There is a number of works relating
  3. These works reflect the specifics
  4. This idea was developed in the works
  5. For a complete description of the issue under consideration, some works were studied
  6. These questions are reflected in the works
  7. The listed studies have greatly contributed to
  8. Several points of view can be reduced to two (three, etc.) main ones
  9. The development of effective ways is of particular importance
  10. The scope of such research is diverse and has received coverage in a number of scientific fields
  11. Research has identified two directions
  12. The studies mentioned above, despite the different approaches, are of interest, first, in terms of the methods used
  13. In recent years, attempts have been made (outlining the main problems, aspects) of research, limiting topics (possible results)
  14. Despite the apparent multidimensionality and extensiveness of this research, many properties and mechanisms are not well known (require additional consideration)
  15. For the first time, a systematic investigation of the problem was initiated
  16. The undoubted importance of this work is
  17. Modern researchers agree that
  18. In-depth and comprehensive consideration of various aspects of theory and practice
  19. It should be noted that some of the provisions expressed here are of an analytical nature and do not exclude other points of view
  20. Numerous studies show that a decisive influence on the occurrence

Your Research

  1. Increasing attention to the problem is topical due to the development
  2. The theoretical analysis of the literature allows us to identify a promising direction of development
  3. The perspective to solve this problem
  4. In the problem being studied
  5. The study program was aimed at identifying
  6. The position is important for the study
  7. Sticking to this provision
  8. Identifying the specific features of this phenomenon is the basis on which all other aspects of the study are built
  9. The results of the research were useful
  10. As a result of studying the problem, the material was obtained, the analysis of which allowed to conclude
  11. All aforementioned emphasizes the need for a thorough consideration of the issue
  12. Based on the thesis
  13. Without going into the details of the analysis


  1. The results of the analysis allowed the author to draw some particular conclusions
  2. As a result of the consideration of this issue
  3. However, the question deserves scrupulous attention
  4. As a result of the study
  5. Analysis of the object allows to
  6. Numerous studies (experiments) show that

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